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Join the group at to provide feedback and suggestions for this popular week event
Norfolk Week dates at
Provisional Programme for North West Norfolk week can be found at on the front page. Detailed fixture list will follow soon.
By popular request there will be 2 races per day at Hunstanton and Snettisham 2 days
A great week was reported by entrants, but we will be running 2 races per day at Hunstanton next year to make it a weekend event again. A single race each day did not seem popular from many.  Final results are available at
All races in the programme have been sailed so far, results to date can be seen at
Get your entries in soon to take advantage of the early entry discount, weekend entry at Hunstanton is available. See you there soon.
Yes it is one long race per day, there was a poll round last years entrants and that was the opinion from many.
The discounted entry period ends on July 6th so get your entry in soon. Gerry Ledger has some accommodation available at Brancaster, see his post below.
We hope to see regular faces again and we have some new faces in other fleets.   Here's looking forward to another great weeks sailing on the Norfolk coast.
Check it out at

North West Norfolk Week Entry form and On-line entry form now available at
The provisional programme details can be found on the home page at  The starts next year are at a more reasonable time which makes it more of a holiday.  We hope to see many of you again next year.
Final results for the week are now posted at  Feedback here would be apprecated.
These are the week results, which is normal, do you want the weekend results emailed ?  :)
Nationl 12 and other fleets results are now available at
Round the ends rule has always been in the rules and has not just changed.  ??)
The new sailing instruction for this years event have been posted on the web site,  We look forward to seeing you again at this years event.
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