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The programme and entry forms are now available on the web site at The committee and Norfolk clubs wish all sailors a Happy New Year and good sailing in 2015.  We look forward to seeing you again at this years event whch starts at Snettisham Beach S C this year and not Hunstanton because of the tide times.
The final results are on the web site at
Thanks Paul, so you would be able to advise on the boats that qualify if we presented a prize.  Regards Ian Holland
Hi Paul
It may be possible for us to provide a prize for the Vintage boats in the fleet, I will put it to the committee. What boats qualify for vintage status?
The entry forms and programme details were put in the post yesterday 26th May.  Full details can also be found at It is the 65th Anniversary year. Who is coming ?
Two reports from Norfolk Week events are at
Now just time to get your entry in before July 6th to qualify for discount at
On-line entry forms are now available on the NWNSA web site at
The NWNSA Norfolk Week programme and entry form etc are now available at HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND GOOD SAILING IN 2013 from the Norfolk Clubs
The programme for Norfolk Sailing Week is now available at August 3 to 10th 2013
Final results are at the web site
Check out for the latest results for this great week
Programme and entry forms are now available on-line at
Boats / Re: N678 Slipper
28 Nov 2011, 10:30
I was the owner of N678  in 1969 and owned it for about 4 years, it was the first boat that I owned and learned to sail in it. I then went into Enterprise and started to win races in it. The old N12 was a good learning curve. I would like to know if it is still around.  Ian
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