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Gently straightening the old Holt-Allen spar from my newly acquired vintage Mk12 (N2255) last night, but only succeeded in snapping off the bottom 650mm!  

Incredibly thin wall section on these old HA masts - no wonder they were so floppy. Glad it didn't happen in a blow.

Anyway - if anyone has an unwanted Proctor C, Alpha etc, Superspar M1 or anything reasonable in aluminium they can pass my way, I'd be very pleased to hear from you. I'm in West Yorks. but could travel to collect. Thanks
Tim Gatti - 07790 615800
Just started restoring N341 - a 1938 Uffa King with all the original gear and sails intact.
Need to replace the 44lb steel centreplate with something lighter!
Does anybody know where I might get hold of a second hand Permali or aluminium plate?
A lifting rudder with the old style 3/8" (9.5mm) fittings would also be useful - especially as I'll be mostly sailing at Yeadon.

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