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Four of the eight rooms available at Boscowan House have already been reserved
Rooms 4(6beds), 5(8 beds), 6(6beds), 7(6beds) are still avaialable.
If you want to reserve one for your family, crew, friends for the Championships please let me know asap
I am delighted to announce that Burton Week 2010 will be held at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA) under the burgee of the Yacht Clubs of Weymouth.

Racing will take place over the four days from 29th May to 1st June 2010.  It is intended that the Sir William Burton Cup race will be scheduled for the Bank Holiday on Monday 31st May with the Burton Dinner and prizegiving at the Academy that evening.

WPNSA is the purpose built site for the 2012 Olympics and we are highly priveliged to be able to host Burton Week from here.  It is the first 2012 Olympics venue to be completely finished.

As you will know, Burton Week 2009 at Thorpe Bay YC attracted 77 entrants with Jo Richards and Sophie Mackley winning in Dead Cat Bounce.  WPNSA clearly has the resources to cope with another bumper entry in 2010 and I look forward to welcoming as many 12 sailors as possible to this superb venue - so why not enjoy this great Olympic venue before the Olympians arrive for their competition.

The facilities at WPNSA are unrivalled. In addition to the sailing in Weymouth Bay and the modern, up-to-date, onsite facilities there is also ample free car and dinghy parking; caravans and camper vans are also allowed for a small nightly fee. There is strictly no camping on site but excellent camping facilities are available in the area. (see link below)

CHEAP ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE!! - The WPNSA have offered us the option of taking sole occupancy of nearby Boscawen House, allowing us to provide cheap hostel style accommodation for up to 44 people during the Championships for about £15 per bed per night. In order to ensure we cover our costs I need to know by late November how many of you would be keen to take advantage of this offer. I include below a list of the rooms and beds available. Discuss with your friends and family and e-mail me asap with your requirements ( . First come first served!

Room 1: 6. Room 2: N/A, Room 3: 4. Room 4: 6. Room 5: 8. Room 6: 6. Room 7: 6. Room 8: 5. Annexe is not available
Please do NOT book via WPNSA website as this will only confuse things

Venue Website =
Address: WPNSA, Osprey Quay, Portland, Dorset, DT5 1SA

We are now finalising our 2010 Burton Week website and will publish full details shortly.
The Notice of Race is expected to be available before the end of the year.

Best wishes

pp NTOA Burton Committee

Campsite links...
We are facing some costs challenges in mounting the Burton 2010 event. If anyone can help with provision of a rib (or two) min spec 5.8 metre / 60-70hp with or without RYA qualified skipper for the four days please let me know.  Thanks. Tim (07790 615800)
As always - Briefing around 11am
1st Start 11.30am followed by lunch
2 races in the afternoon from about 13.30 with a tea & cake break in between
How civilised.
Look forward to seeing you there
There will be plenty of opportunities for younger 12 sailors to be in amongst the prizes at the Gill/Inland Championships event at Northampton on Nov 7th and 8th.  It's the final meeting to decide who will carry off the top Junior Helm (under 21) award in the Gill Series, the prizes from Gill (big thank you!!) for the '25 and Under Series', run for the first time this year and a late addition, the Junior Midlands Trophy (under 21 helm), is also taking place within the Inlands race programme.  Full details will be in the October edition of  'The Latest Chapter'.  With no exams to get in the way, there should be no reason for not getting out there and giving the 'oldies' a good run for their money!
Chris Troth and Sam Childs are currently working up proposals for Junior/Youth sailing for next season - so if you have any feedback to give on this season's activities - or suggestions for next - please do post your thoughts on this thread. Thanks. Tim
Thanks to Mark Simpson and all at Scaling Dam SC for an efficiently organised Open Meeting on Saturday - the weather was fantastic - a real Indian Summer event.  A full report will I'm sure be appearing in due course so just a brief very well done to Phil David and crew who, in their carbon rigged and ruddered Baggy N3217,stormed away with three wins - increasing their lead over the other competitors as each race developed.  Mark Simpson N3472 and John Cheetham N3468, battled well but in the end had to settle for second and third places.  Howard Chadwick (Design 8 N3356 and Sue Jones (Crusader N3263) had some great racing throughout the day for 4th and 5th places and Seb Gatti (16) and his crew Tace Morgan (14) did very well for their first time out in a Baggy - N3227. If it's as warm and sunny for the Grafham, Ripon and Yeadon meetings we will all be very happy!  Some pics attached of the winners, close encounters at the first windward mark and the first time out Juniors - Seb and Tace.  Tim
I have been contacted by the Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club in Surrey and asked to encourage as many 12 sailors as possible to attend their Anniversary event - either as individual entries or in teams of 3 or 4.  They have also been in touch with a number of other Classes and are looking to attract up to 80 boats to compete in the two Pursuit races being run on the day.  Results for individuals and teams will be aggregated over the two races.
So for those not able to attend our Open meetings at Henley or Loch Tummel that day this looks like a challenging alternative with some useful publicity for the Class thrown in.  I attach pdf's with entry forms and a link to the Club's website for further information.
Please indicate on the discussion database if you are able to go. Hope so! Good luck. Tim 
Richard White has brought the following 12 to my attention : Unfortunately, quite a high asking price but seems like a ready to sail ribby in near original condition if anyone's interested ? I have requested more details from the seller.
General National 12 chat / N3208
14 Jul 2009, 07:07
Now I'm sure this boat used to be called Moonlight Shadow - but it seems to have changed to something more amusing and reminiscent of childhood camping holidays being woken at some unearthly hour by a noisy cow in a neighbouring field.
[face=Helv]TWO National 12 Ribbed Boat Racing events are now confirmed at Yeadon Sailing Club as follows:[/face]
Organised racing will take place on Sun 31st May and Sun 19th July from 11.00am through to 2.00pm

The Ribbed fleet may also join in the Club's normal race programme in the afternoon ( Races at 2.30 and 4.00pm)
Events will be subject to prevailing weather conditions on the day.
If you are in the area and you fancy spectating at one of these historic events you would be very welcome. It will be nearly 50 years since five ribbies raced together on the Tarn so do come along to see the vintage section in action - the boats and some of the helms!
Confirmed Helms and Crews participating are:
Howard Chadwick and Helen Nicholson
Tim Gatti and Yvonne McInnes
Brian Herring and Ros Stevenson
Ian Purkis and Margaret Purkis
Bernard and Ellie Clark
The five 'ribbies' sailing will be:
N2 - Goldcrest (Barnt Green) 1935
N341 - Mat (Uffa King) 1938
N493 - Laughter (Holt 500) 1945
N711 - Sinner (Gnome) 1947
N1183 - Tessa (Proctor Mk 2) 1953

The plan is to run 5 x 20min races with helms and crews changing boats between each race.
Provisional Race times as follows:Pre-race briefing: 10.35 - 10.45
Race 1: 11.00 - 11.25
Race 2: 11.30 - 11.55
Race 3: 12.00 - 12.25
Tea/Coffee Break: 12.30 - 12.55
Race 4: 13.00 - 13.25
Race 5: 13.30- 13.55
Look forward to seeing you there if you can make it.
General National 12 chat / Fillet N585
19 Mar 2009, 08:47
Anyone know the whereabouts / condition of  Dick Wyche's experimental glued, planked boat 'Fillet' ?? Are there any surviving photos of her.
Have floated the idea amongst Northern colleagues that we might organise some ad hoc racing just for ribbed 12's next season - fair winds and weather permitting. Five of these grand old boats potentially available to participate are: N2, N153, N443, N493 and N711 .  Could be as part of N12 vintage programme or as part of normal Club sailing at local venues eg Ripon/Yeadon, where majority of the boats are based.  Nothing hard and fast agreed yet but would like to know if there are any other ribbed 12 owners out there who would be interested in participating?  Look forward to hearing from you! Tim
Don't forget the second half of the twin weekend event in early October at Yeadon SC on Sun Oct 5th
As at Ripon the day before, the first race will be at 11am, with briefing at 10.30am.  There will be 3 races, with 2 to count, and the entry fee is £12. The usual Yeadon hot lunch and copious refreshments will, of course, be available
We will strive to finish as early as possible to enable those travelling long distances to get away in good time.
To help with catering - please let me know via this thread or via email/phone if you will be able to make it - hope so!
Tim ( or 07790 615800)
General National 12 chat / Burton Week
04 Aug 2008, 07:52
Any news on available overnight boat parking logistics for those hoping to arrive Friday afternoon/evening?
With less than a fornight to go how's the attendance list looking?
Proctor Mk 4A in very good condition on ebay at the moment - look at detailed pictures NOT the main one which shows her fully loaded for a family sail, no jib set and reverse bend on the top batten.
This planked boat is being sold as a 12 - but certainly can't be no 300 - unless they've found a way of carefully removing all its ribs!  Look carefully and you'll see the foredeck has been modified to allow a spinnaker to be launched from spinny bags underneath. Has someone been boldly experimenting outside the rules.  Must have been acting on recent posts on ways to widen the appeal of the Class!
After much listening to current debates about the Class, deep thought and tricky family negotiations(!) I have taken the plunge and decided to take one of my Vintage 12s to Burton Week - either the Mk12 or possibly even N341 my Uffa King.
My 15 yr old son is going to crew for me and we are really looking forward to a week of sea-sailing as a change from the usual fare of lakes, reservoirs and rivers.
Now the big question - are any of you out there with vintage boats going to join me and dare to be different in Teignmouth this year? Tim
I now have a vintage Gold Proctor C section for N2255 (thanks Kean)
Unfortunately, it's lost its sliding gooseneck. 
It used to fit in the 7/16" (15mm) wide slot below the luff groove, but a previous owner appears to have levered it out (not Kean!)
Can anyone help with this rare item? The width of the backplate needs to be 3/4" (19mm)
Fancy a 1939 N12 in your personal fleet?  Not many left in a sailable condition ... or should that be saleable?

See this eBay ref for a genuine Uffer (sic) King, N382 - 'Alarm' , in need of some care and attention. No photos yet. (No vested interest just felt it should go to a good home and not be lost to posterity.)

Apparently its got a swing keel too according to the description :o.  Well perhaps not.
I'll be fitting out an older 12 this winter and am thinking of using a long-type muscle box as a jib -halyard tensioner. (I might consider them for shrouds too, but at the moment have a pair of levers to fit.)

I know they're a bit out of fashion at the moment - but John Sears' Pipedream seemed to go well with that arrangement at the Trent Valley Vintage and 4 Plank Open.

I keep missing out on any half-decent ones that turn up on e-Bay.  Can any of you who have replaced them with cascades help me out - I'm happy to negotiate a price.

E-mail me or call 07790 615800.


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