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How is the 2017 events calendar advancing?
Some pointers for venues and dates for the 'GUL' series would be appreciated. The usual pressure and competition for holiday dates is upon us!
A good blow is forecast. Just the kind of conditions to entice us there. Regret other more pressing matters need attention at home - so we cannot join in the fun of sailing and swimming.
is there an open option to camp over on Friday night too?
We have factored in the first weekend and the week but not the last weekend. Patrick
"Will it be a problem to show up without a boat? "

The answer ought to come from Burton SC themselves.

In your position I would email my intentions to come along, together with your reasons (seeing lots of 12s and maybe having a short try on the water), and enqurining do they foresee any objections or limitations. It's a courteous thing to do. I would not expect a problem. Clubs are typically friendly and I wouldn't expect Burton to be any different.

In any event you could cite yourselves as attached to a party that has a boat entered.

It's not uncommon for boats attending event to come with crew, spare crew, family, baby-sitters, or even general hangers-on . . .  and clubs accord them the same use of facilities etc. So the invite to come along has come from ourselves in 3244. By all means suggest you're with us.

Chris and Ben.
I am certainly with you on the era, and there are some fine examples of that pedigree still in existence.

Quite possibly there may be owners in your region who might be able to offer you a trial sail on a water near you . . .  and it certainly is worth one. The rig is typically powerful and in a boat whose waterline is just twelve feet that means that the ride can be full of surprises; there is a lot of fun to be had. Older boats can be a lot of fun for not much money.

Naturally the conditions play a big part and in the more testing conditions a good attitude to adopt is to enjoy the spills as much as the thrills. The thrills have surpassed all my expectations - as have several of my several spills!

To be hoped several owners will trail their boats to Burton SC for 12 Fest on 25th & 26th June and it's there you may well see boats (and owners) of all ages. Burton SC is west-ish of Derby. The trek could be worth your while because the friendly fraternity of festering 12 owners would be the source of many offers to try before you buy. I am hoping to be there on the Saturday with 3244 and you'd be welcome to 'av a go.

Does anybody know if camping at Sunderland YC will be permitted for this event?
Boats / Re: N3282 Avalon
12 Apr 2016, 12:34
Hi John,

The 12s of the eighties hold a lot of appeal for me and Avalon looks a nice boat.

We have N3244 and have been a bit inactive of late. The plan is to put that right in 2016. Bass week is in our plans for 2016 so we'll be in your vicinity in the summer. At least one 12 of around your vintage planning to enter. Burwain SC host an open for the northern region on May 8th. That's near enough that not much should get in the way of us being there. We tripped to the Burghfield event (19th Mar) and appear in the video shot by Sportography. Ours is the closest and the briefest close up.
Linda is watching episode 2 of the Coroner; 'How to catch a lobster'. Via iPlayer.

There is a young man who has gone missing from somewhere along the West Country Coast. His GF hasn't seen him in over a week. His boat is gone.

What sort of boat? "It's a national 12, a wooden one, named Hispaniola and it has a blue bottom."

A sail number would have been useful, Luv. Knowing the era would help. Should we be on the lookout for clinker, four planks, or cold-moulded ply?, I say. I did a quick search of the database and trumped nothing.

So if anybody knows of a blue-bottomed National 12 named Hispaniola and it's whereabouts then they may be able to help solve the mystery of a missing person in a fictional setting.

Of course the boats disappearance might have nothing to do with the young man's disappearance. Within the fraternity there exist individuals that just cannot resist a new acquisition to add to their personal fleet.

How incriminating would it be if Hispaniola turned up in barn lying next to Dolly Daydream?      [with tongue firmly in cheek, of course]

Could there be an innocent explanation, I wonder. Might he be sailing his way to Brightlingsea? Not that I would recommend it. And even I wouldn't need to set out so soon.

He could have read Frank Dyes account of sailing a Wayfarer to Iceland and Norway and been inspired.

"Don't give up hope, girl, he might turn up in the Bay of Biscay," should have been a line in the script.
Forty years ago (almost) the texts that greatly enhanced my understanding of racing sailing dinghies were Sail Racer (Jack Knights), Start to Win (Eric Twinname), and Racing Dinghy Sails (Jeremy Howard-Wlliams).
Have these books been bettered in recent years, does anybody think?
It's been more the case that my working week has been the limiting factor over recent years, Angus. Nights and unforgiving rest days.
Now I work 4 on 4 off and if events fall right they do not cost me much leave. But they can run me ragged in Nov and Dec with compulsory 6-day working in exchange for enhanced terms the year round. We cannot make Pitsford.
Ours has to be the longest refit in history. The fittings should be back on within the week. I need to replace some of the lines with more suitable strings, then after that it's off to free access water for some trials. The plan is to be trialing on 28 & 29 Oct.
Ben would like to get some mileage out of the 12. He drives and runs a car. So if he can establish a competent grasp of the tiller you may see him turning up here and there with a crew of his own.
No need to be lonely, Angus, if we are in the fleet the chances are we'll exchange tacks with you.
Thanks gents,
Provision been made in the holiday plan for Easter at UYC, Birtkitt at UYC, Bass week, and Burton week. Will await publication of N12 calander to see if attendance at any other events is possible.
Looking ahead to the booking of leave for 2016 . . . .
Does the advance of planning inidcate a date and venue for Burton Week in 2016?
UYC seem to favour the first weekend in July for the Birkitt but no date showing online as yet. Can anyone add any insights as to how this event may fall in the calander?
I learned to sail in the 1970s and the club scene was striking back then. Enterprise fleets were strong, Grads good, Miirrors plenty, Fireballs etc etc. I just bicycled to ac lub not moe than 10 minutes away (Fairfield GSC), donned a spray suit, and blagged a ride.
Some of the best times I had were team racing in Ents and Larks on the Uni circuit in '78, '79 & '80. There, that dates me!
I spent time away from the scene, perhaps 20 years, and when I returned it all seemed so different. You cannot place your hand on a crew like you used to and many who come to the sport want independence and the thrill of holding the tiller. So the Laser numbers really exploded through the 80s and 90s. Don't you think the times are so different from the golden era?
Of course their has been proliferation in the number of classes available to choose from, and the one design, low maintenance, ready to sail types like the RS200 appeal to people.
I hate to get too technical or sound like an economist but the business of money supply (new money coming into the economy) is no longer keeping pace with demand (The collective expectaion of gains) so money has become a scarce entity. Unless a person has chosen their occupation well the chances are that anuual pay awards are not keeoping pace with the rising costs of enrgy and food, so people's level of disposable income has been shrinking. 
The way i see it there are things the class could modify or alter, but the major challenges facing the class sit beyond its influence.
I do think you are right in many ways that it is a shame the golden era is not with us anymore, and that the AC period was perhaps the 12s finest hour, but there is a lot about the N12 that equates to horses for courses, so there are options available for people with alternate agendas and contrasting budgets. I don't regret buying mine. My only regret is taking up with an interest that has kept me occupied and off the water since May 2009. Hopefully we shall wet our bottoms in 2014. 
Something that does matter to the class though is preservation. Sure, more new builds would be good, but boats poorly stored and rotting away under disintegrating covers is a loss of a distinguished heritage. National 12s have special place in the history of sailing, and I hope they have a future too.
Something I have sometimes wondered about is how would you stand building a new boat, single bottomed, and conforming to the concept of an AC?
Tom thanks, I do take your point, but fuel costs vary with where you live in the UK, and other restrictions one must negotiate rise with the distance needed to travel and/or alter with circumstance.
The quotes I returned were relatively consistent, crossings were panning out to £300+ (for two) unless I chose a route with a greater drive across France to incur more fuel costs, fatigue, and tolls.
Your costs applied to a double trailer carry two boats and two teams for the price of one. If anything you confirm my estimated budget is a reasnable ball-park figure with reasonable contingency thrown in for one team with a single trailer. The event would cost me almost as much as the boat did.
Short of sleeping a la belle etiole sur la plage I cannot see our all in costs coming in under £650 for two. But I do not know for sure all college assignments will be complete by May 23rd and that means I could book but run risks the event will be underway before we can depart/arrive.
In the unlikely event someone has booked a double combo from Manchester and has free space to offer we would join you without hesitation.
Have lots of fun, post lots of pictures, and do a write-up. Not only will we be delighted for those who chose to go, but we'll turn green with envy, m8.
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