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Wow!   Just got my calendar and well done to all concerned especially Angus, it looks great.  Thank you.

Boats / Re: N2266 Triarda
21 Jul 2021, 12:25
Good to see her being used again Francesco and looking good too.  8)
Sad to hear this Paul but not too surprised.  Stay safe all. Howard C
Greetings Paul and past n present vintage yotters
Hopefully we will be able to hold this event and I will make every effort to come along to support and may even borrow a boat if the weather, COVID, crew availability and my knackered knees allow.  Seasons Greetings to you all   Howard C 
Deeply saddened to read this Martin was a totally nice guy and he will be missed by so  many of us especially within the vintage fleet.  R.I.P.
Boats / Re: N3245 Otterzell
28 Jun 2020, 12:51
Had great fun helping Donald Acklam to build her and may happy hours sailing her when new at Yeadon.

Hi  try Starbuck as advertised on this website.  All done up just needs the fittings putting back on and located near Ilkley Yorkshire his mobile is 07411 359800    Pete Robinson (Its a modified Starfish and a bargain for someone)

True Paul all very quiet even on Facebook but love the new N12 video that appeared recently much of it from the Yorkshire Dales N12 open meeting.  We all need things like that to view and thank you to whoever managed to produce it and to Zoe and our webmaster for circulating it.  Stay safe everyone. Howard C  N none  :( :( 8)
Greetings or is it Yo Paul?   Not talking to yourself I think we are all just  wondering what is going to happen next with the restrictions and rules.  Pretty sure that the Vintage Champs will at least need to be  rescheduled if not abandoned for this year.  Regards to all 12 supporters vintage or otherwise, looking forward to the reunion when  it does take place.  Howard C
Boats / Re: N2266 Triarda
08 Oct 2019, 03:46
Triarda has now been sold on to a new owner and will be sailing at Tynemouth  Further information from the new owner in due course.
Boats / Re: N2663 Green Pinnacle
03 Oct 2019, 10:26
Green Pinnacle is moving to another owner and now resides with Tony Dufton at Yeadon Sailing Club where she will be used in conjunction with his D8, well we do all like multi Twelve ownership.

you  are right  to be concerned about going through the top veneer on deck ply and care is needed not to over scrape or over sand.  I have used Nitromorze  (not sure if that spelling is correct and its too cold to  go into  my garage and check) they  do a professional version in a yellow can which is the best one to use and a green can for the less potent one which cures with water.  Go for the professional  one, wear gloves and clean off after use thoroughly as per the instructions on the tin or your new varnish may be affected. 
I have also use a hot air gun with success but again care is needed not to scorch the wood as scorch marks do not come out easily.   Either way get a good quality  scraper (Skarston or  similar) keep it sharp and take care to keep it flat and not dig the corner in, scrape with the grain where possible.   Just a bit of care and its not that bad a job usually on decks if its just varnish.  Finish by sanding carefully with the grain of the  wood and thin the first couple of coats on the new varnish.  Happy scrapping   

Love the website changes well done Graham and the winged rudder article is great, well explained and much appreciated even though I don't have one on my vintage Starfish I have wondered how they worked and this is the best explanation I have seen. 
As our pond at Yeadon has an  un-deserved reputation for containing disused Morrisons* trolleys and in places has insufficient water for even a short N12 rudder I will stick to  my original rudder at least on home waters.
* Other supermarkets also have trollies but Morrisons is the closest!
Boats / Re: N2663 Green Pinnacle
03 Nov 2018, 03:04
So having saved this boat from the scrap heap in 2010 and sold her on for a very low amount she was sailed intermittently by Mike Cox for a year or two before he then sold her to two of our new members who  treated her to a new cover but didn't really get to grips with her on the water and finally sold her to  our club Secretary Andrew.  He sailed her for a couple of seasons or so until he got a D8 and took her home for some minor repairs.  After negotiating a deal involving food  and drink I now have her back again.  I have a few jobs to  do  on her but hope to  get her back on the water in 2019 if my aged knees can stand the strain.   Just goes to show you cant keep a good  Paper Dart down and yes my beloved Starfish Triarda (2266) is well and warm in our garage.
Just a thought and something that Donald Acklam did to my Starfish and on his own Starfish that seemed to work.  We removed the keel band and used a routing tool similar to a countersinking bit to cut into the joint where the plate case sits on the hog.  I think we cut in by around 6mm leaving a V shaped groove.  After through drying out this was wetted out with SP epoxy and then filled with a stiffer mix of epoxy and smoothed off.  It was perhaps a bit of a bodge but it worked!  As Martin says the screws into the bottom of the plate case and hog are often steel ones on the Wyche n Coppock boats and maybe others as well.  Hope it helps. 
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