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A superb opportunity to combine our Northern Area open meeting with Barts Bash at Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club this coming Sunday 20th September.  Two races in the morning followed by the famously YDSC lunch then the final race including Barts Bash in the afternoon.  Please remember to enter Barts Bash online prior to the event.  Further information from Neil McInnes if required.  Please let us know if you are coming.  8)
Whilst this is a great event sadly I will not be able to sail the event this year, Tim Gatti is also working all weekend (in Norfolk) and can't make it and our other regular attendee Brian Herring is unable to make it at short notice too!  The event is multi class and  will go ahead, just wondering if any other vintage fleet boats are going?  Howard N2266+ aka Chadders. :o
Hi chaps following on from two great opens at Ripon and Yeadon we now have Newburn in just over a weeks time.  NOR will appear soon meanwhile the first race is 11.30 and Squidgy is all ready to go, who else is coming out to play?
Three entries confirmed so far with Tim Gatti and Gill, Brian Herring and Ros and myself and Naomi.  Any more coming out to play?  First race 1pm on Saturday with one or maybe two to follow then two on Sunday.  Entry is usually a modest tenner, camping on site is free, BBQ on Saturday evening weather permitting and lots of other vintage craft to race against too.  Perfick!  Come and join us for a relaxing weekend at Wroxham good company, good racing and an all round great weekend.  8)
If you have a National Twelve to sell now would be a really good time to re list it here on the website/boats for sale list. 
Not only is it a good time of year but the for sale list will be available on the dinghy show stand where we will have not only a bang up to date boat but an older boat to show what great value boats used Twelves are.  If you want to reach the Dinghy Show audience do not delay in listing or updating your boat details and remember a picture is worth a thousand words. 8)
OK its a bit early but the Blaydon race at Newburn on Tyne looks even better this year as the recent dredging allows us to race down stream as per the attached N O R. 
Squidgy Bits is going who else is coming out to play?  Just hoping that Helen does'nt want to stop off at the Metro Centre as we sail past!  8)
A message from a very contrite Howard Steavenson tells us that due to an error the date for the Tate Winter Trophy race has now changed to Sunday 1st December with a start time of 12.00. Midday.   Howard (S) apologises for the error (allegedly all his own) in mistaking a low tide time for a hight tide time.  We hope to see lots of boats up for this event which has in recent times seen some excellent if chilly weather with sun and wind not to mention a great meal in the Keelman after racing.   A Notice of Race will follow in due course.  8)
Just wondering who else is coming to the open at Solway this year on 21st/22nd September 
The Notice of Race  has a link on the front page of the website.  3 races in the estuary on Saturday and a race up the river to Palnackie on the Sunday so a good mix of sailing.  The club has also invited all N12 competitors to the laying up super in the clubhouse on the Saturday evening but you do need to book and select from the menu if you want to come to that bit!  Teams Purkis, McInnes, Chadwick and David have booked for the laying up super with team Herring still TBA.   Who else is joining us, answers below please and if you want to come to the laying up meal as well please make sure you book. 8)
Not long to the Vintage Dinghy Regatta at Norfolk Broads Yacht Club.  Sailing on Wroxham Broad this is part of our own vintage series and a great event sailing with all sorts of other classes too.  The Merlins just love it when we beat them on the water.  Tim Gatti is coming and I will be there as usual, who else is coming out to play? 8)
N12 Open - Yorkshire Dales SC - 21st July


Dear All,

Please find attached final details for the Open Meeting at Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club on Sunday 21st of July


Sunshine and a reasonable amount of wind have been ordered and a goodly number of Northern and Midland Twelves have said they are coming already. We have a collection of Foolishes, Big Issues, Design 8, Baggy, and either an Starfish or a rather nice new Uffa King (subject to the forecast) all confirmed as attending.


The format of the day will be similar to previous years, that being we’ll start just ahead or just behind the normal club racing fleet


First race 11.30,


Then lunch (pre order before the first race),


With 2 races after lunch.


Best 2 races to count



The gates to the Club should be open between 9.30 and 10.00, for directions see the Yorkshire Dales SC Website


YDSC operate a donation scheme for entry fees and I’ll collect the Old Spice levy on top of that.



Come and join us to sail on one of the best bits of open water in Yorkshire


Let me know if you are planning to attend so I can pre warn the catering staff. Any questions e-mail me or give me a ring in the evening â€" the number is in the book.  


Neil McInnes

N12 3216
Only a month to go to the Vintage and Classic Dinghy regatta held at Norfolk Broads Yacht Club Wroxham on the 10/11th August where in addition to our Twelve fleet we are also sailing against vintage Merlins and 14s etc.  This has to be one of the best and most laid back events in the calendar with camping on site and excellent catering.  The event qualifies for our vintage series for the Whitchcraft Bailer.   Who else is coming out to play?  8)
Who is coming out to play at Newburn? 

Squidgy Bits is going 12pm start and NOR hopefully attached on behalf of Howard Steavenson.

Howard S 8)
Hi all just a reminder of the open meeting at Newburn on Sunday, first race is 11.30 NOR is attached (I hope).   Forecast looks OK so look forward to seeing lots of you at the slipway on Sunday morning ready for a refreshing race or two on the Tyne.  Howard C on behalf of Howard's S and E!
Who is coming out to play at Yorkshire Dales?  Several key Northern boats are already signed up and Neil McInnes has all the details.  3 races with the first start at 11.30 please let Neil know if you can make it or post below.  If I could work out how to copy from the email and paste here on Sarah's IPad I would, more training needed methinks!  Great venue and really posh clubhouse with great catering too so one not to be missed.  Howard C aka Chadders 8)
This weekend is the Vintage Dinghy Regatta at Wroxham Broad (NBYC) if anyone would like to join us, teams Triarda and Roly Mo (Zanthus) are booked in as are Brian and Ros and hopefully our leader Tim Gatti will make it if work permits?   Rumours abound that other Yorkshire Ouse members may make it too.  
Saturday races are 1.30 and 3.30 (although the Merlins often request an extra one so we all join in too) and Sunday racing is 10.30 and 1.10 starts.  Camping at the club is free and weather permitting we normally BBQ at the club on the Saturday evening, the wet option being a pub meal.  If you would like to join us and may arrive out of club hours do give me a call for the gate number.  Anything over 20 years or so seems to qualify for the regatta however as it is a Witchcraft Bailer series you will need to be in a clinker boat to qualify for our series.  This is a great and very relaxed weekend and in addition to our own fleet racing the vintage Merlin Fleet will be out along with a range of other vintage craft, with N1 E1 and Merlin 1 all possible entries.  Howard C  aka Chadders  01423 865793

Please confirm below if you can join us.
Posted on behalf of Brian Kitching :-
Friends, Romans and fellow V12 Sailors. Due to low confirmed attendance I am cancelling Frampton on Severn sc open (Saturday 14th July).
<div id="yui_3_2_0_1_1342083442547182">Counting myself and Bruce (in a Firefly) there would only be two visitors, thank you to Paul and Howard for their support but I don't think it is worth travelling such distances and a team to run the racing. If you have access to the N12 web site can someone please post the cancellation, thank you. Best regardsBrian
(No excuse for not sailing at our Commodores Weekend now then :o   Howard aka Chadders)
Don't forget the Newburn Open Meeting on the 18th March!  Who is coming out to play? 
I will be there with Squidgy Bits, Philip David is planning to come and rumour has it that Mark and Emma have sorted the young person minding team.  I have also heard a rumour that a well known Scottish duo are teaming up to challenge for the trophy, is this true?  
I even have a spare crew coming and she would appreciate an offer of a sail with one of our kind and considerate 12 helms if anyone is short of a crew please let me know asap please.  Look forward to seeing you on the start line and please post here if you can join us.  Howard aka Chadders 8)
Just been reading the 3 reports already on Yachts and Yachting online for 2012 and they are brilliant well done to our authors and thank you.  If you want the heads up on the 2011 Gill Series in all categories, if you want to see the brave souls at Ranelagh in January or be reminded of how much fun Burton is and even watch the video then check them all out, just follow the link   8)
Nice photo of National Twelves sailing at West Riding Sailing Club before the war and spotted by Neil McInnes, just follow the link
I remember all two well frostbiting atWest Riding in Raunchy N1595 circa 1966 and in particular one day when as we approached the club we heard a cannon shot!   Presuming this to be the ten minute gun we entered the club at speed and my crew who was driving used his five trumpet colonal bogie air horns as one gentleman was standing in the middle of the driveway.    Having shot round onto the grass in front of the club we leapt out and started to untie the boat.  It was at this point that we realised how quiet everyone else was!  To our utter embarrasment we realised that this was rememberance Sunday and the cannon was to signify the start of the two minute silence.  OOPS.  Name and address withheld due to still being embarrassed my crew (Stuart MacDonald) has since left the country.  8)
Due to some tide/timing issues the Tate Winter Trophy due to be sailed on the 16th October has now been put back a week to Sunday 23rd October.  First race 11.30 start with two to follow as per the attached N. O. R. (or at least I hope its attached!).  Please indicate below or notify Howard Steavenson if you are coming along.  Squidgy Bits will be going with her new carbon rig so look forward to seeing lots of you on the Tyne.  Howard C aka Chadders.
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