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General National 12 chat / Bloody Mary
11 Mar 2014, 06:45
Congratulations to Graham, Zoe, John and Charlotte who scored a 1,2 in The Bloody Mary. 
A great result. 
Does anyone know the website of the guy who took the BUrton Cup photos?
Any crews available for Burton week?
Have space in the front of my DCB, looking for someone aroud 7 stone to be competative.
Anyone keen let me know

Andy McKee
I don't know if anyone has noticed the new sails from speeds with the tapedrive system. They look quite pimped, but I noticed a thread on the MR page which has suggested that they are illegal, as the tapes are considered to be secondary reinforcement outside the area where this is allowed. I think they are awaiting clarification from the RYA about this. 
This also means the boat that won the sailjuice series was technically out of class.
Will our rules permit these sails?

Finally got 3529 on the water today, named by my daughter as "Cat in the Hat" Launching with the winged rudder was easy, coming back in was a pain, as it quickly floats up and makes steerage very hard. We had a lee shore and a F4/5 as we came in this afternoon. 
The Fit out by P&B is excellent, and all worked apart from the dangly pole that came apart after about 15 seconds, but was an easy fix with 50 pence worth of string.
Talk about fast upwind though, we had a range of conditions today, and were burning away from reasonably well sailed lasers and an RS200. Hard to tell if the trim tab is making a huge difference, but we pointed higher than everything else. Downwind was more difficult to tell as we were well away from the rest of the fleet by that stage. 
This is an awesome boat, and got so many admiring glances, and much interest in the wings etc. And some reasonable moans about the handicap given the speed we had upwind.
Andy 3529
Is it only me who cannot get the new newsletter to download.

Can I make an appointment with a measurer to get a jib measured on Friday, after Tom arrives :).

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