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Burton 2016

Started by darebarry, 26 Nov 2015, 02:49

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Social wise, we're having a quiz after the bbq on the Monday evening, the dinner on the Sunday and an all-inclusive games night on the Saturday!

At the daily buddy prize giving we will also hear from those at the front of the fleet about why they took some of the decisions during racing to inform and encourage those further down the fleet.

Look forward to seeing everyone from Friday onwards!
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Great long weekend at Brightlingsea Burton 2016. Thanks the all those who came. It was a great celebration of 80 years of our class.
Looking forward to Weybiza 2017


Fantastic time at Brightligsea, brilliant to have such a range of National 12s on the same race course!

Everyone who didn't come really missed out, let's keep the momentum up for the 2017 Nationals!
N12 - 3198, 3513, 3551

Dave Croft

Yes, a great event and a very friendly club. Champagne sailing on Tuesday... we came to celebrate our old boat's 40th and the last thing we expected was to pick up a couple of pots! Also, some great reports on the Y&Y site
There were lots of good photos from Sunday on the big screen at the club - are these available anywhere?
Thanks to everyone who organised the event and especially to Janet and Johnno who sorted us out :-)
Dave C


Hi Dave the photos can be accessed at the web link pasted above.



Dave Croft

Hi Ed,

Thanks these are great! There were also some taken on Sunday, I guess the SUnday ones were a club member?




I am on the trail of the Sunday ones Dave. Sorry not to have had time to chat at Burton Week, but well done on your result, great effort.

Dave Croft

Hi Ed, Thanks for your kind comments, we only came to celebrate the old boat's 40th year... didn't expect to win anything. It was dam hard work the first two days, we were happy to finish in one piece. Still we had a blast and were also rewarded with great conditions on Tuesday.

The Sunday pics were good; these Fiona Brown ones are excellent quality and it is very generous of her to offer royalty free to competitors.

Cheers, Dave

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