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Borrowing boats for Burton Wk
« on: April 01, 2009, 07:02:10 PM »
I have now got 2, and probably 3, boats organised to be lent to people from outside the class for Thorpe Bay.  While it is hard to judge the effectiveness of this as a marketing tool i am pretty sure it cannot be a negative.  I have to say that the quality of the people wanting to join us for the event is unusually high!
Unfortunately for me, but not the class, the list of interested borrowers is growing faster than I can find boats with owners willing to lend.  So, if there are any of you out there that have finally decided you are not going to make it to TB yourselves but are willing to lend a boat (esp DB but there is also demand for good AC) please let me know asap.  If you are willing but have specific concerns then call or email and we can discuss.


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