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Sails clear out

Started by THG, 12 May 2009, 12:20

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Had a massive garage clear up / clear out at the weekend and sorted through a few sails I have collected up in the rafters.  Have one full set of Hydes (ex 3339) - dacron jib, not sure of the material in the main but its not dacron!  I guess main would have been for the old metal mast and as I recall are quite flat cut.  Jib seems quite crispy still - although set is quite old it has not been used much since I bought the boat.
Also spare Ulmans jib - also seems quite stiff stiff but I've never used it so can't vouch for it in anyway.
These could be collected / posted off before BW (unfortunately there's no way I can make BW due to work / other personal circumstances).  We live just 10mins or so from Junct 16 M4 so could meet up around there.
Post here if you are interested and I'll get some more details / agree prices.
Also if anyone wants a slow cooker, 2 slice toaster, blender, various items of boys clothing (under 3) and various other stuff I cleared out then its all got to go!!

sink or swim

How much do you want for the Ullman jib?


The US jib was measured 7/8/90 - I think I got this with a mast a few years ago and I have nver used it.  No bag and window / sail all seem to be in good order.  £15 plus any postage would do it.
FYI - the Hydes are dated 3/5/97 - I have used them a few times since I got N3339 a few years ago.  Still in good condition (unlike my jib for a mirror which got gnawed by mice!!  Our cat regularly kills small fury things so don't know how these got into a sailbag up inthe garage roof!!).


Hydes have been sold and will be on their way to sunny Spinnaker very soon.


Still have the jib if anyone wants it - maybe for an older vintage boat?

Mark Barron

I would be keen to take the jib, have a Crusader in need!!, will need postage to Scotland though!!
How much will postage be??
email; markbarron at madasafish dot com


Spinnaker was indeed sunny today - and a quite fantastic place to be.
The Hyde suit were tried on N3379 - excellent.  Many thanks THG.
Phil (Em's Dad)


Glad to hear emz crusader is going well.
Jib sale is agreed too.

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