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identifying design of vintage dinghy

Started by seascouter (Guest), 11 Oct 2009, 10:00

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seascouter (Guest)

We are trying to identify the design and fitout of N2008 our national 12 that the Sea Scout Group aquired some years ago. If anybody has photoes of circa 1961 designs I.E. Smuggler ETC can you please E-Mail them to me so that we can identify the design.


This part of the NTOA website is a good start

There are photos of many of the designs - certainly there is one of a Smuggler - and you should be able to eliminate many possibilities even if you cannot confirm a specific one.

1961 designs would include various Proctor, Smuggler and Squid; to name but a few. If you still have problems do post a photo here or on the 2008 part of the database. Then others who are much more knowledgeable than me will help.


Hi Seascouter
N2008 is a modified Holt design that you aquired from Dr Sharples at Yeadon after it had lived in his garage roof for many years.  I think that David finished her from a kit after Dougie Macdonald tweaked the shape and she sailed at Yeadon for all her active life performing well.  Her name is/was Moonshine.
I am happy to help with information but away for much of the next 2 weeks.  However I sail at Yeadon and next Sunday weather permitting a group of 12 enthusiasts will be sailing ribbed 12s and be around the club (about 5 miles from you unless she has moved to another group) from about 10 until 2.30.  If you can make it we can provide lots of info, help and maybe even some bits to get her going again.  If you are unable to make that I can be emailed via this link or full contact details are in the Nat 12 yearbook.  Happy to meet up, chat and provide any information that you may need.
Howard Chadwick Vintage Wing Representative
N2, N2266, N2769 and N3356

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