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Started by moggseyb, 30 Mar 2012, 06:32

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I have just purchased my first National 12 she had quite a bit of peeling varnish.Having decided to strip her right back to the wood in my garage this weekend have commenced the job but I do have one concern that is that although the garage is bone dry it is quite chilly 1-2 degrees C ( I live in the Brecon Beacons) is this ok to keep sanding down? Regards Moggsey

Alistair Edwards

Congratulations on your purchase.
Low temperature is not a problem for sanding but it will be an issue when you start applying the new varnish. It will take a very long time for each coat to go off.
If there is any way that you can get some heat in there it will make your life a lot easier. Good luck and take your time with the sanding.
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Alistair's advice is absolutely correct but don't do what I did many years ago when trying to repaint a boat in a cold cellar. There were no electrical power points in the cellar so I brought in a paraffin heater. After at least two disasters with the paint crazing, I realised that the water vapour or the fumes from the heater was the culprit. I then tried repainting without the heater and everything was fine although it did take a long time for the paint to go off. I am a bit out of touch with some of the latest paints but I have little doubt that in all circumstances paraffin heaters are off limits. We learn from our mistakes, particularly when they are expensive ones, as mine was. N3535.


Hi. Firstly keep the paint/varnish in the house, I use the airing cupboard ready for use. Yes do not use a parafin stove, I got that teashirt many years ago. But if you cat build a poly tent over the boat and provide local heat that will help. You will find that most paints give advice as to temp.
Good luck
Dare Barry  


I would recomend that you don't appy the paint or varnish at temperatures below recomended on the tin, you may get away with it but if you don't you will have a lot of extra work! As Dare says keeping the paint warm also helps.
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