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(the) China Doll N2403

Started by paul turner, 19 Mar 2012, 08:10

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paul turner

I am delighted to report that N2403 China Doll has now joined the "Turner Collection" courtesy of Nick Hoar, collected from Ranelagh SC on Saturday. I will post more on the database in due course but if anyone has any photos (especially of original set up/internal layout) or other info (such as original colour, how built - appears to be professional hull (Rowsell) and ameteur decking) please email soonest. Paul :K)


Had you thought of ringing Phil ;) ?  Alternatively Spud may remember. I was always under the impression that Rowsells did the whole build and Phil fitted the boat out.
I don't have Phils phone number  byt if you call to Frank Rowsell he should be able to help.

Dave Croft

I am fairly sure China Doll was blue - one of the Pevensey bay crowd would remember.

paul turner

Greetings - I have had several assorted emails; original colour may have been grey with "Whisper" being blue? If anyone has the contact details of Mr Morrison, please advise. China Doll is currently having new front bouyancy tank fitted; hope to have her servicable for the TVSC open in May so she can sail against Starfish, Mr Jones and possibly Smuggler. Px :K)
PS To make space for vintage 7 plankers, Grimley Fiendish is now for sale. ;D

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