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Started by CRU 12, 10 Apr 2012, 09:57

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CRU 12

Just to bring these to everyone's consciousness - especially as tempus fugit and I hadn't noticed...
    ESPECIALLY LET ME KNOW INTEREST FOR MAY EVENTS SOONEST - I have much to organise that month and really need to know who is coming so I can include you in the social invites attaching to the events.     8)

kind regards,


Hi Christine, Please book N3434 in for the 12th and 13th of May only coming from Midland SC, looking forward to the coaching i need it!!!! 

Chris Troth

Hi. Planning to bring the pudding for both days in May.


Hi, I am wanting to come wit my boat N2709, the only problem is lack of a tow bar.  We are based at Nottingham SC and have boat, road trailer and crew, but we unfortunately no longer have a car with a tow bar.  Is there any chance someone could give us a pull up the road?  This would be our first trip with a N12 and would be a shame to miss such a close event.
N3162 (Baggy Trousers) "Bicycle Clips"
N2709 (Paper Dart) "Goose Hunter"

Red Hot Pudding

Hi Christine, Jenny and myself will be there in 3316, although only for Saturday :(

CRU 12

excellent news to all attendees. ---
It is a bit of a party weekend for anyone coming to both events..........

could you please reply to me personally as well:

CRU 12

Jonathan - call me 07914786391 or

we may be able to arrange something for a "small fee""


Tom white (Guest)

Le shed and i should be *fingers crossed* there for this event, but is looking like it will be just the sunday :/ unless my tow bar is fitted to my mini by then

 Tom white (n2765)

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