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Annandale, 14th & 15th April.

Started by edwillett, 20 Mar 2012, 10:22

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The first of the 2012 Gill Series events, and the Scottish N12 Championships will be hosted by Annandale SC on 14th and 15th April. The prestigious and very old Scottish Daily Express Trophy is up for grabs to the winner of the event and results also count towards three Travellers Series - the national Gill sponsored Series, the Scottish Area travellers series and the Northern Area travellers series.
Come and join us for a great weekend of good sailing and great socialising...
The NOR is attached.....


Wow! 101 downloads of the NOR...surely not 100 boats at Annandale ??)


Make that 102 because I'm coming and I havn't downloaded it.
All smoke and Mirrors. N2153, 2969, 3411

steve (Guest)

Maybe only 101 because I downloaded it, but must have clicked twice because I ended up with 2 copies. See you there and don't worry I haven't forgotten the trophy.




Steve, Thanks..look forward to seeing you!
Anyone else coming out to play...?!
121 downloads now...even allowing for double downloads thats still a big fleet!;D Fingers crossed!
PS I almost forgot Annandale is also a qualifier for the Border Trophy.....


I may find my way along to poke shiny things...8)


Really sorry but we will miss it this year due to a holiday booked before the fixture list came out, bad form I know!  Great event and I will be thinking of you as we head even further North with a car full.  Howard C

Tim Gatti

Clare and I will be there with vintage Starfish 'Saskia' arriving Sat am

B&B booked in Lochmaben for Sat night - walking distance from the Club so we can enjoy the evening meal and associated beverages.
Looking forward to another great weekend of sailing and socialising


Jeremy C

Trick Cyclist-3444<br />In the pink-3408<br />Kifi-2431- under restoration<br />Flying Saucer 1277 (joint owner)<br />and now Bart 3455 too (sigh!)


Wow! Thanks Jeremy!! Great job!
Eight confirmed as coming so far (that I know of...)!!
Anyone else?...come on Steve needs some competition!!

Jeremy C

No problem Ed,

thought it deserved a poster!
Trick Cyclist-3444<br />In the pink-3408<br />Kifi-2431- under restoration<br />Flying Saucer 1277 (joint owner)<br />and now Bart 3455 too (sigh!)


Team Simpson will be there.  Planning on camping so more weather like the last few days please...

Alex T

I will be there - someones got to come last (unless there is a bit of wind........)
Not camping - will be commuting from the house!


Alex. Forgive me using this space in this way, but I rather think your parents (Alex and Liz?) are very old friends of mine from Currie days starting in 1961. If that might be the case I wonder if you could give them my email address and say that I would love to get in touch with them. I lost touch with them when I moved to Kent 6 yrs. ago. Nigel Fordyce : Also N12. 3535. Sincerely -I wish I lived nearer Scotland and I would be at Annandale, with or without N12.


Small world...I knew Liz Tulloch when I lived in Currie...

Alex look forward to seeing you at Annandale!

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