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Anyone tried a boat towing service?

Started by alk, 28 Apr 2015, 02:16

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Quick question - does anyone have any experience using a boat towing/delivery service? I'm looking at moving a 12 but can't get access to a trailer/car with a towbar so any recommendations welcome. Ta.


Where are you and what is the journey?


I'm located in Derby - sail out of Swarkestone SC. The journey is Reading to Derby.

Tim Gatti

I can thoroughly recommend Tony Ainsworth.
See his website at
If he can fit you in he will - and very reasonable rates too


Hi Tim, that looks great, thanks.

paul turner

Hi Alk! I'm based in Derby too! Where are you going to sail? Ring me when you have your quote for towing. Paul (Trent Valley) 07710 324 800

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