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Burton Wk

Started by Antony (Guest), 25 Aug 2015, 06:36

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Antony (Guest)

It was lovely to be back at Burton Wk after a little break.  
A very exciting last race in a good breeze saw Tom and Andrea just  pip Graham and Zoe to the title.
Roll on Brightlingsea in 2016...


Brightlingsea 2016.... which I am targeting for my return as well, although in a slightly older boat!
aka Simon Hopkins<br />3252 Silent Running<br />Ex 3230, 3413, 3470, 3236


fantastic 4 days of racing and a very enjoyable first Burton week as helm!
N12 - 3198, 3513, 3551

Mike Storey

A great weekend with absolutely everything weather wise, a club who were excellent hosts and a sufficiently challenging but convenient sailing area. Close racing with 4 different race winners and some great performances further down the fleet shows the strong competition within the class. So glad I made the last minute decision to come and thanks to Kevin Iles for lending me his boat. Yesterday's first reach with the foil off will live in my and Sophie's memory for a long time. I just need to get around the corners better. 
Roll on the 80th Anniversary Championships at Brightlingsea next year.
Mike S N3491 (and N3527 for 4 days)

Vince (Guest)

We had a great sail in the Burton on Sunday. Having savoured the atmosphere Alex is now all pumped up for crewing the full four days at Brightlingsea next year. Wonderfully organised and sailed in a great spirit, as always in the class. 
Have any of the on the water photographers uploaded their pictures of this year's event yet?


I have a pair of Rooster Gloves(medium) left in the clubhouse. Does anyone know who they belong to?


Richard Elston - I have your Salopettes

Ed storey

I agree with the sentiments above. A superb 4 days on and off the water , the most enjoyable event sailed this year and we will get it on the calendar for next year. Great racing and  friendly competition right down the fleet, though we will be aiming to get closer to the sharp end next year...
Ed 3514

Rich Elston

You're a legened. I actually picked them up and decided that they weren't mine even though they looked very similar. Would it be possible to have your e-mail adress so I could get in touch about how best to repatriate the garment.
Burton week was fantastic, and far exceeded my already high expectations, can't wait for Brightlingsea 2016
RE N3291


All - Great weekend and thanks to all who organised.  Great to see numbers of vintage boats back although saw far too much on one's transom throughout the w/e (well sailed Mr. Peacock). 
3271 & 3501


Some photos are here:
Did anyone grab a copy of the photos that were playing on the TV in the bar ?
N12 - 3198, 3513, 3551


yes a great weekend despite a slightly fraught journey down, sailing not quite going according to plan and at not getting home to 2.20 a.m. Wednesday.
Well done the Storey's for providing around 10% of the fleet, that will be a tale told for a year or two but not a final chapter among them. I suppose Tom must be a short Storey, which would make Ed a tall Storey.......just hope they don't run into an epilog.
All smoke and Mirrors. N2153, 2969, 3411

Tom Stewart (Guest)

The Photos that were in the bar have been promised to us in the near future. As soon as we have them we will make them available.
Already talking to Brightlingsea, suggestions for socials and sailing please.

paul turner

Congratulations and sincere thanks to all those involved in organising the Burton this year - although numbers were down it was the most friendly and enjoyable Champs I have been to. Except for the last day (when the vintage yots wisely spectated from the clubhouse!) all the boats went out every day - not one left in the boat park! And what a delightful and helpful bunch Herne Bay SC proved to be; plus the catering was excellent. Hope we can go back there soon.

Please note: 10% of the fleet was vintage/clinker, with four boats (two China Dolls, a Whisper and the Mr Jones) in the Burton race!

Paul N2403 8)

PS Overall "China Doll" beat "Mr Jones" - but only just! Yeah.

paul turner

Thoughts from the crew of China Doll N2403

One very helpful point that came out of this Burton was the discretion allowing the Race Officer to finish the vintage boats a lap early but still retain their position. Not only did this avoid the clinker boats plodding round the course on their own with no chance of improving their points but it also reduced the waiting time between races.

At Brightlingsea there is a long haul out to the start and, still cherishing memories of getting back to shore over an hour after the "fast" boats, perhaps some thought might be given to extending this discretion to encourage more vintage yotters to enter the Champs?

"The times are a-changing" and whilst I know there are conditions attached to the Burton Cup race is there any way we can perhaps have a shorter side race for vintage/ACs?

All the champs seem to be in the deep south; as Angus pointed out at the AGM there are many N12s "up north" and I welcome his promise to campaign for the occasional northern Burton. I remember Burtons at Llandudno and Scarborough in the 1970s.

And it seems likely that Tom was right in that it was as long ago as 1985 when a certain JLS dropped his main in order to survive to the finish in a Burton Week race (like what we did on Sunday!)

Paul 8)

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