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Started by 1304, 12 Sep 2015, 05:17

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Hi peeps..
I've just become the new owner of N3214 Gryphon.
Rescued from a salty existence on the Essex coast, she'll now enjoy a cosseted fresh water life at Reading Sailing Club, and probably at a few CVRDA meetings too...
There's a few little jobs to do before I get her on the water again, but the biggest job will be learning the ropes...  Coming from a 4 string dinghy (a Minisail) the control lines are a bit daunting!!
I will doubtless be asking lots of questions about how to set her up!!

JOhn M (Guest)

Congratulations on your purchase!
There is an open meeting at Henley SC next Sunday.  Might be an opportunity for you to have a look at some other 12s if you can make it down there.


I'm doing Bart's Bash at my club, so won't make it to Henley....


Matt - welcome. And good to have another AC around.  Quite a few of us over at Burghfield if ever want to have a chat or sail with some other 12's? 
3271 & 3501


Thanks Neal...  I could certainly do with some practical advice .. the whole mast ram / adjustable shroud tension thing is new to me... I can read all about it, but there's no substitute for a good demo!


Hello Matt, some other dates you might want to look out for our Four Plank events which focus on fun friendly racing on inland waters. 
The whole mast ram/adjestable stroud thing is pretty simple especially if you are sailing on inland waters. Basicly unless you getting over powered up wind set the mast ram and leave it and strouds simperly set the tension and only let a stroud off so you can square the boom off downwind. 
As a side note I set my 12's up by using the jib halyard to set the rake and shrouds to provide the tension.
The futures bright the future is rivers and lakes


Will my new 4 planker count?  ðŸ˜€
12's are for life not just for christmas.

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