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Started by 1304, 21 Sep 2015, 04:45

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This pic of N3214 clearly shows a full forward bulkhead....

It's had a great big hole cut out of it (about 18" wide and 18" high), and a nasty buoyancy bag stuffed into the bows..
Should I put her in the water to check there are no leaks, then reinstate the bukhead?


I wonder if the front tank had a bad leak and instead of repairing it a previous owner chose the option of cutting the hole, putting the bag in and then either bailing as required or allowing a bunghole to drain into the cockpit?


There is a pair of bungholes, to drain the front tank into the cockpit, but I'd expect to see those anyway..
I guess I need to put her in the water, and see what happens! If no water comes in, I can seal up the bulkhead..


Hello I think I can send some light on this, John is right. When the boat was at Ardleigh her then owner had a leaky bow tank due to as I was told a cracked fillet where tank meets the hull and instead of repairing it probably he went for the easy option by cutting a hold in the tank and sticking a bag in.  
I would put her on the water go sailing and see if she leaks and then when the weather turns for the winter think about fixing the leaks if necessary and replace the bulkhead.
The futures bright the future is rivers and lakes


Sadly.. that makes a lot of sense!
I'll put her in the water on Saturday, and see what happens!


No leaks!!!  ;D
Now to work out the best way to rebuild the bulkhead!

tom lee

bear in mind that if there was a leak,  it would be on the joint between the hull and bulkhead!! So putting the boat in the water would not show the leak
Tom<br />N3545


Surely, if there was a leak from the cockpit into the front tank, you would seal it in the cockpit? Not cut a zarking great hole in the bulkhead?
Closer inspection showed some repair work in the floor of the front tank, so I think there must have been a leak where the bottom "planks" meet the keel... It certainly doesn't leak there now...


Might be best to sail her a few times in current configuration to make sure she doesn't leak into the front tank when she is fully loaded and sailing in a bit of a blow. Perhaps safest not to take the bag out and seal everything up without being completely certain she doesn't leak under all conditions. Good luck with her - have a lot of fun.


I've gone for a half-way house solution....  I've built a hatch which snugly fits the hole... I'll stick with the bag for now, and if there's no leaks, the hatch can be sealed in place...

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