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Started by grazz, 30 Mar 2007, 06:09

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This is the National 12 boat database. We are aiming to collect as much information as possible on all the 12s built. We have published everything that the National 12 Owners Association knows. This discussion board is your opportunity to add more . .

Finding a boat
You can search by boat numer, name, design and designer at

To add your comments
If a boat is already in the discussion board then simply press reply and add your comments. Tell us about the history of the boat, upload pictures (by clicking ATTACH FILES), add your experiences, where you last saw her, any modifications and anything else relevant.

To comment on a boat not already in the discussion board
If you can't find a boat in the discussion board then simply search for the boat at, click on the boat number to see the details then click the ADD YOUR COMMENTS link. This will take you to the correct entry in the discussion board.

To upload pictures.
You can add pictures simply by clicking ATTACH FILES when you post a reply. If the "Attach Files" button isn't visible try clicking the "More Post Options" button. Please keep pictures to less than 100kB and save them in a JPEG format. Resizing them to around 400 pixels wide would also be good.

Thanks to Ed Willett, Ken Goddard, Kevan Bloor and Michael Brookman who have collected a vast amount of information of years to kick this database off.

Note: The Association's records are amended against information received from owners who in some cases may not have carried out the full registration procedures by applying for a new Registration Certificate. The boat name listed therefore may not be the name shown on the Registration Certificate.

Happy posting


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