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N3307 Pebbles

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 03 Mar 2008, 05:36

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National 12 Webmaster

The life of N3307 Pebbles. Design: Crusader, designed by: Phil Morrison in 1981
Previous boat names: Pebbles, Clouds, Ultra 12, prior to reverting to Pebbles.


I brought Ultra 12 about 3 years ago now from a young lad who sailed her at Combes Sailing Club in Derbyshire. I lived in Derbyshire at the time, but have now moved to Kendal where we try and sail her from South Windermere SC.

I say try as we don't get her bottom wet as often as we'd like to and when we do, we don't sail her as well as she should be sailed. She is great fun to sail either in a resonable blow or when the wind is on the more gentle side when she's so enjoyable to sail.

She needs a little TLC to the hull which she's getting this winter, hopefully in readiness for a reasonable summer of club racing.

Pictures to follow....


A couple of pictures, but unfortunatley none of her on the water.


N3307 has found a new home in Northumberland. She is a lovely, well-built Crusader design National 12 which hasn't been sailed for a few years. She is now in the garage for a bit of a tidy-up and a coat of paint, but the intention is to have her on the water at our home club - Derwent Reservoir SC - in the very near future. Depending how we get on we might look at coming along to some Northern / Scottish open meetings. Photos to follow...


Social isolation sanity maintenance garage project under way 👍


Actually not a whole lot to do. She's in pretty good shape before I've even started.


Restoration now completed and we're ready to go. I will be sailing "Ultra 12" with my daughters. They insisted that the boat was painted lilac!


Nice to see my old boat looking so good. I owned her from about 1992 to 1994.

She was green and called Pebbles when I bought her, but I named  her Clouds and changed the colour to orange-red. I sailed on the south coast, and did a Buton at Exmouth and a few opens. She won the Totnes - Torquay dinghy race on one occasion.


Great to hear a bit of history of the boat. We've sailed it several times now and it's going really well. I picked up a new(ish) set of sails the other day, so hoping to see how they go this weekend.


Pebbles is temporarily in Cumbria for repairs before relocating to Leigh and Lowton SC

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