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Re: N2679 Dolly Blotter
« Reply #15 on: July 25, 2020, 03:55:31 PM »
I still remember sitting in David East's house signing a cheque for 500 (approx) on 31 March 1973 - 6 hours pre VAT!  Saved me a fortune but the boat was well worth it.  I left the boat at my parents in Norwich and picked it up the following Saturday for an open meeting of 50+ 12s at Grafham.  Put the boat together for the first time in the Dinghy Park with my crew, Tony Landamore (son of Leslie of Sparklet fame) and set sail.  Winds were 6+ all weekend with snow shown in.  Not being used to a brand new boat we fell over in the bottom of the boat, started every race last, but this boat was something else - up wind was a dream and once off the wind the rest of the fleet appeared to stop.  The other surprise - coming from a Proctor IX - was that the faster you went the more stable the boat became.  we were one of the few to stay the right way up.  We finished 3rd overall and also took the novices prize.  At this time I was sailing at Trent Valley SC and John Royce suggested the name Dolly Blotter and shortly afterwards I suggested Soggy Moggy for his Cheshire Cat.
Later in the year Clive Robinson was going to Whitstable for Burton week and took Dolly Blotter as his boat was not going well.  He finished 2nd in the Burton and 2nd for the week!
At this time I had found a very good crew called Rob Peebles who went on to become a very good 12 sailor.  In 1976 I moved to Tynemouth SC and sold the boat to Rhyle SC in 1978 after 2 enjoyable seasons sailing at sea.
Ed Willett must be congratulated on his restoration of Dolly Blotter.  She looks just like the boat I collected in 1973 and brought back many happy memories.  She was a very fast boat and I am please to read that she still is.  She originally had X sails and I think that they were one of the best sets that Michael Mac cut - no hard leaches - all drive! 


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Re: N2679 Dolly Blotter
« Reply #16 on: August 10, 2020, 02:52:23 PM »
Hi Paul,
Many thanks for the update on Dolly Blotter, really appreciated! Do you have any background on how John chose the name? ( I could guess but better to be informed). I notice also that Rob Peebles won the Midland Junior Trophy in her in 1974. FYI I was sailing her just yesterday and she really is still a delight to sail.
Best Wishes


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