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N2843 Aquabat

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 10 May 2008, 04:21

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National 12 Webmaster

The life of N2843 Aquabat.  Design: Cheshire Cat, designed by: Michael Jackson in 1973
Original boat name: Catadromous.


N2843 sailing in Dunvegan Isle of Skye


Originally built for Stephen Harman of Henley SC & painted green.
David Wilkins<br /><br /><br />Ex 925, 2433,2730,2825,3139,3345.3405,3481

Simon Hipkin (Guest)

This was my first 12. Bought in 1992 when I was 15 and sold in 1994 to fund the buiding of my Chapter (3407). She was still painted green. The guy I sold her to was from Norfolk if my memory serves me right - so she has travelled a long way north since then! I absolutely loved this boat - I will dig out some photos tomorrow and scan them in.

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