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N1762 Caribbean Queen

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 28 May 2008, 04:26

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National 12 Webmaster

The life of N1762 Caribbean Queen.   Design: Mark 8, designed by: Ian Proctor in 1958
Previous boat names: Domino, Andycapsize.


1762, is now owned by KevanWilson, and has under taken an exterior refurbishment, it will be sailed at Ulley Sailing Club, Rotherham South Yorkshire,


The boat has now been on the water, after 25 plus years lying unloved in the previous owners garden'


1762 Has been re-named 'Caribbean Queen'

kevan wilson (Guest)

Help!! 3rd time on water, water coming in from plank seams, any ideas of how to resolve this?


I suggest you post this on the discussion pages where you will get some helpful comments as far more people will look at it.  The planks are glued but at this age they will be aerolite or cascamite either way both deteriorate with age.  Gently lever the joint apart.   Clean out the old glue with a hacksaw blade getting as far as you can and then re glue with epoxy.  That is the short answer as clamping it all up whilst the epoxy sets can be a challenge but those more qualified than I am will be able to give you more help.


Restored after more than 25 years of neglect! Now sailed at Ulley Sailing Club, Rotherham,
Kev Wilson



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