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Re: N929 Angels Delight
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N929 Angels Delight
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The life of N929 Angels Delight. Design: , designed by: in
Previous boat name: Pippin
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Re: N929 Angels Delight
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Another restored classic!

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Re: N929 Angels Delight
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From Ken Goddard,
N.929 "Pippin" (the same name as N.2134) was advertised for sale in November 2004, by a Mr Mike Lees of Cornwall. It was described as being built of Clinker Larch on Pine. The boat was advertised as being free to whoever could collect her.
As described by John Murrell, the boat was taken over by the Falmouth Marine School for use as a training task and has been nicely restored. The new name of "Angels Delight" was in recognition of one of the student restoration team, surname Angel. 
I have seen the boat stored at the FMS, alongside N.4 "Ruff" which was restored at the same time.
Ken Goddard, N.2300


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