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Re: N1777 Cinzano
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I am the R Evans who did own Cinzano in the from 1964 to the early 70s. The photo of her 'near Salcombe' is me sailing her in the Championship at Weymouth. I was a poor student and hence the very old and tired sails! I understood that the original owners painted her in the distinctive red one side and blue the other in order to get sponsorship from the Cinzano drink manufacturers. I also understood that this did not work.
However it was great fun seeing people I was racing with get confused about which boat was approaching them......

I am very happy to see she is still with us and hopefully giving as much pleasure as she gave me racing at Ranelagh SC on the Thames.

I lent all my historical papers and photos to the new owner but unfortunately he did not return them. I would be very grateful if I could be sent any photos or anything else you may have.

Thanks in advance.  Ray Evans


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