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Centre Mainsheet Question

Started by Duncan Small, 30 Jul 2023, 08:58

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Duncan Small

Hi there. We are new to N12 having just acquired 3489 (Big Issue, all carbon). We are looking to convert to centre mainsheet and are seeking advice on the best way to do this. In particular, number of blocks needed at the stern and in the main cascade. Cheers Duncan

Mark Prue

Hi Duncan,

We have just done this to New Isabelle. We tried centre sheeting off the boom and then opted for a jammer on deck too. The reasoning for this was so I could help my junior crew to pull the jib in without loosing the main sheet.

We have a split tail sheet running through a 30mm block on the outboard end of the boom, then a 40mm auto ratchet mid boom and down to a old style low profile swivel jammer.

Hope this helps.

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