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Where to buy sails for older National 12 (N3100)

Started by Bryan Jarman, 06 Jun 2023, 09:24

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Bryan Jarman

Hi all,

I'm new to national 12s and have recently purchased and started to do up a N12; Pied Piper, N3100.  Is there a particular sail maker for N12 who I'd have to use to be race compliant? If not, has anyone got any sail recommendations?

I'll be sailing / racing on the coast in an estuary which is well protected by high land either side.

Any help and guidance is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.



paul turner

Hi Bryan. For new sails my first stop would be HD Sails in Birmingham 0121 356 2175 and ask for Andy Davis. If you only want second hand, I have a decent suit of North Sails, and several older Alverbank mains. 07710 324 800

paul turner

Thank you peeps for the various enquiries; all the spare sails (and carbon boom) have now gone. It's just the surplus boats to sell...

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