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Started by paul turner, 24 May 2023, 03:07

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paul turner

Greetings N12 Sailors. Following various accidents and operations I have been read the (medical) Riot Act which means that my sailing activities will have to be restricted and also that I will have to much reduce my collection of N12s. The following (first of design) boats are now for sale/looking for a caring home either with separate owners or for someone to take over the collection.

N1650 Smuggler, N2020 Starfish, N2359 Shotgun, N2399 Mr Jones, N2492 Whisper, and N2750 Cheshire Cat. All are in racing order with combi trailers (except N1650 launching only) and covers; several have undercovers.

If you are interested please contact me; I'm not looking for a fortune more good homes for these heritage boats. I have really enjoyed saving, restoring and lending out these fab boats but, sadly, the time has come.......  :'(

PS the Vintage Champs are coming up 15/16th July at Notts County SC just down the road.....

paul turner

Update - Mr Jones is now with Ben Jones, son of Martin Jones the designer of N2399. See boat database for more info :) . P

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