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Started by angus, 20 Aug 2022, 11:07

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There are now 3 DCBs resident in Scotland and recently two of them were racing at Tummel Week. I was approached by one of them to organise an event at North Berwick (East Lothian Yacht Club). This is quite possible to do in conjunction with ELYC regatta  which is usually help early June. It would be really good if we could get sufficient numbers to get our own start and then we could make it the Scottish Championship and a Dinghy Shack event.
For those of you who don't know where North Berwick is it is just a few miles up the A1 from Newcastle and is easily accessible from the south coast. The sailing is on the sea but does not normally require a long sail out. launching is easy off a sandy beach. with Global warming temperatures in the 20s can be expected and the water is renown as the warmest in the north sea! It is a big holiday area so there is lots for any none sailors to do if you want to bring the whole family.
This would be an extra event if there is sufficient interesting not replacing Annandale or Solway.
Please let me know if you would be interested in attending such an event either directly or through Graham Camm.

Another event that people may be interested in is Tummel week which is held in the last full week in July. This is a fun week with lots of fun things going on besides the sailing which is fairly relaxed. It is especially good for young families. Camping is available on site and camper vans and caravans can be accommodated. Loch Tummel is in the heart of the Highlands in the shadow of the 3000ft Schiehallion. If anybody is interested in this please get in touch.

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Thanks for posting Angus. As it was me that suggested it thought I'd better reply! My main thought was as we've now 4 boats in Scotland it would be good to try a couple more events around the central belt and maybe generate a bit more interest in the class up here again. Important thing would be coordinating dates the 4 Scottish boats can commit to and then if some boats from south of the border would like to join us even better.

Reason for suggesting ELYC is it's a great championship venue and although it's further north than solway it's pretty easy to get to up the A1 and nice seaside town. Royal Tay would also be good and Antony is based there.

Sorry I won't make burton week this year. I will be at Solway and hopefully another weekend event towards the end of the season.


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