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Started by ocallensmith, 11 Aug 2022, 03:43

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I've never bought a new National 12 but have owned them since 1967. Since we've had the website and the database I've been able to look up the histories of the boats that I've been considering and some of the information on the database has been really useful in making my decisions but unfortunately the majority of the boats listed on the database have no information alongside them.

May I ask if anyone has knowledge of a boat, whether owned by themselves or someone else, now or fifty odd years ago, can they just write up a little history of the boat on the database? It would be really helpful to people such as me looking to buy a N12 in the future. How the various designs coped with what weather or waters. How they performed in club meetings. If the boat had a quirky presentation when new.Maybe how an original helm became a sailor of fame. Photos as well would be beneficial.

You may only have owned new boats but even a boat from last year now has a history so please add to the database.
My ownership started in year 1967 with 2135, almost a new boat !
Ex owner of 1626, 1777, 2135, 2730 & 2844 and present owner of 2383.

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