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Continuous control lines?

Started by Paul Jefferies, 10 Jun 2022, 12:02

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Paul Jefferies

Hello all,

I am the new owner on 3394 - Annie Oakley. I have had her out on the water a few times now and getting used to a rear main boat again (my other boats are all centre main). This is probably the first of many questions from me!

I am looking at the control lines which are currently led to the thwart each side and find I am having the age old issue of running out of rope on one side as they are not continuous (leading to sorting out on a reach/run meaning eyes in the boat which isnt good).

To make them continuous and easy to grab when hiked I was thinking of a ring(s) on a shock cord take up that goes up under the side deck. Is this the usual setup or does anyone have any other bright ideas? I am concerned having them lifted may mean the get in the way when moving forward to keep the boat trimmed nicely.

Also would people do all the control lines continuous (I have 4 led back, shrouds are already easily accessible and are continuous) or are some more key than others? I was thinking kicker and outhaul as these seem to be the main controls that are used.


Hi Paul,

Agree it is the age old problem, especially when you need to let the kicker off as you round the windward mark when you're both hiking on the side as there is none left!

My double floored boats have the advantage of running the lines under the centreboard case & thwart. I will let others offer their thoughts for a AC N12.

Kicker and Outhaul would certainly be required in my view. Not sure what your other 2 lines back to the thwart are, I have a single line for the mast ram.
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My outhaul is connected to a cleat on the boom on 3546. Easy for the crew to adjust but not too bad for the helm to change either.
Kicker worth having continual. Everything else I don't bother.

Kevin Iles

Continuous is definitely the way to go. Possibly with a bit of elastic to take up the slack loops so they don't get caught around your ankles?

On 3373, they are led up under the side deck to micro blocks (less friction than stainless rings) attached at the hull / deck join. Never had a problem moving forward with this set up. Main danger is from the crew moving back behind the thwart in a breeze, catching one with a foot and uncleating it.


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