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Started by NTOACertification, 17 Sep 2021, 05:20

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Any one wanting to download any of my photos from Flickr can do so.
For best reproduction choose the ^original Size"

Go to the Bottom Right of the image ad tick the Down Arrow and choose which the size and the image file will be downloaded to your downloads folder on your computer.

I am also doing some Black and white versions of some of the pics

Kevan Bloor


I have edited most of the better images from the 85th maybe some more may work out and be added.

I have re-sorted the Images into three different Albums  The original Link goes Saturdays Images.

The Sunday Images all taken from the shore are  at  Not too many of these.

I have rendered some of the images as black and white Images these are at

All images can be downloaded for your use by downloading directly from Flickr using the down arrow.


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