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advantages of jib stick and b/haulers over dangly pole

Started by stephenscriven, 31 Mar 2021, 04:10

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I am currently re furbishing N3223 China Crisis and in its current layout has a dangly pole. It did not have this originally and I am thinking of taking it off and just having a jib stick and b/haulers as original. Obvious advantage a lot less windage any thoughts/comments


Dangly poll much better than the standard system. Safer to operate, particularly in a big breeze as the crew doesn't have to go forward.

Quicker gybing and is more sophisticated when controlling the jib on reaches.
You also keep the jib goose-winged longer as the pole can be released as you go round the leeward mark.

Even a retractable pole on the boom is better than a manual one, but does require barber haulers for the reaches.

Kevan Bloor NTOA

paul turner

I have a jib stick and b/haulers on N2020 Starfish only because that boat is as original as possible; I have a dangly pole on most of the other N12s in the collection because of the reasons per Kevan but do be careful when setting the dangly pole up that when you pull the sheet to push the jib out, the end of the pole goes sideways and doesn't punch a hole on your foredeck! P

paul turner

I have just kitted out N2492 Whisper with a dangly pole and found another issue; the bobbles on the end of the dangly pole string and on the jib sheet where they attached to the jib eye often seem to catch on the knicker elastic running up the mast. Bright ideas welcome! Px  :-\


Paul, simple answer - get modern and don't wear knickers!

Or, do away with the "bobbles". I have a figure of 8 loop tied into the rope going through the pole. The knot on it is large enough to stop the rope end disappearing into said pole. This is NEVER undone. The bit of string used to tie the jib sheets to the jib clew goes through the loop when it is tied on so it attaches the pole at the same time. I have yet to get my knickers in a twist with this set-up.

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