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Jib Sheeting Set Up

Started by Colin Tait, 07 May 2021, 10:38

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Colin Tait

Hi we are new to the class, we have just picked up N3489 ex Radical Edward. I have always had a soft spot for N12's so bought one before we get too old.
It has not raced for some time and I note the last owner mounted swiveling jib cleats on the thwart to aid single handed sailing. The original tracks for the jib are still on the cockpit floor. Is there any pictures out there of some typical jib sheet systems.


Getting the jib sheeting is one of the most important settings for any boat and the 12 is no different.

There are variation in set up but the end is usually the same.

Most current boats sheet the jib using tracks on the floor these are usually 300-350 mm from the centreline of the boat  turning blocks( usually ratchet ones ) are used as the jib tension is often adjusted to suit variable wind strengths  and sailing modes ( Footing or pointing).  parking cleats are handy and mine are on the windward side deck so easy park the jib if something crops up.

The Jib tracks should be positioned so that when the jib is sheeted in the line of the sheet extended from the tuning block through the clew of the sail to the luff would intersect the luff around 45% of the luff length, measured from the tack. When setting this up initially the block on the track should be positioned about 3/4 forward on the track. Different conditions require changes of sheeting angle and these can be changed by moving the turning block fore or aft. Mast rake also changes the sheeting angle.

So you have a reference as to where you are with sheeting the jib, I always advocate marking the the clew of any jib you use, with three lines, all bout 300mm long, radiating from the clew pointing to the 30%,40%and 50% points on the luff so you have an instant visual check. If you find a magic setting you can mark this on the sail as well.
It is important hat you can achieve the range of setting particularly the 40/45 % range in most rake modes.

I am sure other will add to this..

Kevan NTOA Certification


The tuning guide on the website gives some good tips on jib sheeting set up. Have a look at
Happy tuning

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