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Charlie Lloyd
« on: December 22, 2020, 09:51:49 PM »
Hi everyone

Many 12 sailors will be aware that Charlie Lloyd, stalwart of the Salcombe National 12 fleet, unbelievably passed away in August having suffered a heart attack whilst out cycling with friends.  Helen and Charlie had sold Paradocs earlier in the summer and many of us had seen him sailing his Solo whilst we were in Salcombe earlier that month.  It was unbelievable given how fit that Charlie was - he had run a sub 3 hour marathon!  Charlie was kind, generous and humble.  He was not a regular race winner but he loved the competition, the rivalry and the thrill.  He represented everything that is good about 12 sailors and the N12 family.  I miss his observations on the world and his advice.  I am pretty sure I am not alone. 

Helen has written to me and asked me to share the message below with you all.

We thank you all for your great kindness and thoughtful words after Charlie died and for beautiful flowers. We had so many good times with the fleet, who, of course, we always let beat us to make the journey to the south west worthwhile. Thank you  for friendship, guidance and support and coping with Para-docs as we careered around and keeping us in mind at our darkest hour. We had planned to send Christmas cards to thank you individually   but couldn't quite muster it so please accept this and know we look forward to seeing you in Salcombe when it is next possible.Greeting us with a smile  is most  helpful.  We can't help what has happened to us but we can choose how to respond and we choose to look back with appreciation. Keep well, keep enjoying life.
Good tidings and ON ON as the runners say.
Helen , Sam & Rosie Lloyd


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