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Fibreglass restoration questions

Started by NorthStreetSailing, 15 Aug 2020, 12:31

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Hi all,

I'm continuing on my late dad's (Martin Clarke) work on restoring N3465, and have got to a point where I need some direction. After all, I'm very new to the restoration side of things!

The main focus is restoring the gelcoat on the hull on the boat. Before I started on it, Dad had ensured that all damaged parts of the underlying fibreglass had been filled, which I have since sanded down flush.

I'm now a bit stuck. The next job on the list of tasks I have from Dad is to sand down the hull ready for priming and topcoating (HEMPEL Light Primer 45551 and HEMPEL Polygloss 55530 respectively). However, I'm unsure whether this means to simply sand down the existing paint on the hull, or to strip the hull to the fibreglass and then apply primer etc from there.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated!

Current photos:


Good Afternoon,

Lovely to see the photos of N3465.

I have shared your post on our Facebook Page and there is some helpful advice, you should be able to see the replies, even if you're not signed up -

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