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N1379 jester renovation

Started by copperplate, 07 May 2020, 10:11

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N1379 Jester lockdown renovationAfter 8 years of having no time at all I have
been in lockdown and have managed to progress a bit..Here is a link to some pictures (it's come out tiny)


This looks good and you will have two lightweight crews!


Yes.. probably be teenaged by the time it's done :  )
thank you..

I will try to keep the work going ..
I'm at the stage of gluing and screwing the boat back together.
With all the bad wood cut out ..
I'm not sure whether to glue down the centre board case with
west epoxy or to use sikaflex..
Would there be any expert advice on the subject..

Many thanks


what a fantastic job your making of'll be on the water before you know it ..👍


Thank you for the encouragement.

I will try to keep the effort going

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