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Cover for Paradigm 2

Started by keanoo, 03 Mar 2017, 01:23

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Anyone have the measurements handy / recommendations for a cover for a Paradigm 2?
Rock Lobster is in rather urgent need of a new one!  :'(

John m

Hi Kean
Welcome back!
I suspect Rain and Sun and P&B both have patterns for a Paradigm 2.  They have both made covers for them.

Dave Croft

Give Chris Gould a call at Creation Covers (07910291507), he will come and measure your boat and the resulting cover will fit perfectly...


Thanks Dave - having looked at the site the Creation Covers do look very good fit and the price quite reasonable too.

Maybe if anyone else needs a cover for their Paradigm can get some discount?


If all the above opens aren't enough I'm a bit fan of Sail Register. Good covers at a decent price  ;D 
The futures bright the future is rivers and lakes


Hi Chris Gould will be at Salcombe this weekend and would like to measure up a Paradigm 2 whilst there if possible.

Is there one still there?  Did it have the mast move done (just so we know what is different).

Could you let me know asap and will let Chris know if it can be done - this way I get a good template for the cover.

I thought Chris was down at Easter weekend so got my dates messed up!

Thanks if you can help us out.

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