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Burwain open Sunday 16th April

Started by Carbonara, 02 Apr 2017, 08:56

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Only two weeks to the Burwain open meeting. I hope we can get a good turnout like last year. There is a Streaker open on the same day so we are starting at 1100.
If you can come please let me know so we can plan the food.
Look forward to seeing you.

Patrick Hamilton

paul turner

Greetings. Christine and I intend to be there - but not sailing Dolly Daydream! I have just sold her to Paul Brotherton (apparently quite a good sailor?) who also intends to be there. So that's three boats.. Px  :)

martin 1262

Hi Patrick.

Might be able to make it but just juggling family commitments.  However will need a crew.  If there is anyone available just post here.   If I am there it will be first time out in Talisman.


Martin 2576

paul turner

I know Dave Peacock hopes to be there too (if he can get a crew) so we could possibly have four (4) China Dolls there! What is the collective noun for a group of CDs? :) Px N2403 & N2524 (the latter is for sale).

martin 1262

Sadly wont be able to be there now.  Hope to see you next time Martin

paul turner

The best laid plans of men and mice. Crew crisis and car off road; not looking so positive..... P :-\


'Baloo' will be there crewed by Christopher while Emma crews for Philip David, I assume in 'Out of the Blue'. Food for 3 Hampshire's and a David please.


Three boats confirmed so far. I hope Dave Peacock, Paul Turner and Paul Brotherton can make it. Unfortunately Howard Chadwick and Brian Herring say they can't. Perhaps we may get a few more visitors from Yeadon?
Wind forecast looks OK.


Thanks to our visitors for coming. We had some good sailing despite rather grey conditions. Well done Philip David and Emma Hampshire winning all three races.
1st Philip David and Emma Hampshire
2nd Patrick Hamilton and Gail Kaye
3rd John and Alison Cheetham
4th Tim and Christopher Hampshire

Hope to see everyone at Yorkshire Ouse on 4th June.

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