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Trent Valley Sunday 8th May 2016

Started by paul turner, 25 Apr 2016, 09:01

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paul turner


Trent Valley's Open Meeting (Midland Area & HD Sails Four Plank Series) is on Sunday 8th May.

Briefing 10:30, First race at 11:00, second race before lunch and third just after.

To help with planning catering, rescue crews etc please let me know soonest that you are coming along to enjoy the joys of yotting at Trent Lock.

Gongoozlers welcome!

Paul  8)

PS The Vintage (only) event will be on Sunday 4th September - clinker yots are, of course, most welcome on 8th May!

bob the bosun

hi paul
i am planning to bring my beast if the towbar i have ordered gets fitted this week and i can bribe a lightweight to crew for me. i will confirm on monday.
bob austin
ps i know that jonathan has a prior engagement so will not be there.
is there any chance of a crew from the club if i am unsuccessful

paul turner

Hi Bob.  Great to hear from you. Can probably get you a crew but please let me know soonest. With you, that makes four confrimed entries already. Paul N2750  ;D

bob the bosun

hi paul
tow bar fitted boat in final prep but do not have a crew, would be grateful if you can help out
rgards bob


Hello all

I would like to pass on Team Subversion apologies for absence once again. This time we are going to miss one of the best events and lunches on the calendar due to Kerry's sister has deciding to get married the same weekend. There is also a small issue with me not being allowed by the doctors to go sailing after 'slightly' breaking my leg.

With luck we should be on the water for the next event.

Toodle pip

The futures bright the future is rivers and lakes

CRU 12

John Sears will be bringing Punkawallah with Catherine crewing. Lunches please.  :)

paul turner

Greetings. We only have three confirmed entries to date. In fairness to all those at TVSC who have volunteered to run the event (and to give up their Sunday sailing) I need six (6) boats to make this meeting viable. Decision time is tomorrow evening (Thursday) after club racing. RSVP (even if it is to say that you can't make it but will be at the September VIntage event at Trent Lock). Paul :-\


Team Gore are intending to sail, if it goes ahead


We are sorry, Paul. On balance Burwain is the better option for us.


Paul - N3448 will be there.

paul turner

Just one more and we are "GO"!  ;D

paul turner


We now have six definite entries being John Sears, Graham Camm (in one of my boats to give the rest of us a chance!), Ian Gore, Peter Miatt, Gerald Copsey and me! Also hopefully Bosun Bob from Milton Keynes, and anyone else who would like to enjoy the delights of sailing on the Trent!

Paul N2750  8)

bob the bosun

hi paul
did you by any chance manage to source a crew for me i would hate to drive the 75 miles up just to watch

paul turner

Bob - please call me on 07710 324 800 soonest  8)

paul turner

Sunday - Trent Valley at its best (sun, good breeze, perfect courses, lots of very close racing, fab catering and lots of idiot river traffic for entertainment) and a big thank you to the six visiting crews for supporting us at Trent Lock.

Full report (hopefully with a few Kevan photos) soon but the results were:

1st Ian Gore & Alex - Up River (1st Overall) 2x1st and a second.
2nd Graham Camm and Zoe - Burghfield formerly TVSC (1st AC boat*) 1st & 2xsecond
3rd John Sears and Kathryn - Notts County formerly TVSC (1st Four Planker) 2 x third and a sail washing.

* = 1st Trent Valley boat being N3157 Perfect Kiss!

Don't forget the TVSC Vintage Open Meeting in September! Px  8)

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