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Started by jammy dodger, 11 Mar 2005, 03:07

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jammy dodger

Having gone to enormous trouble and expense to take a pictures of Mr Cooke looking a complete plonker at the boat show, he now tells me he will not publish the same in the Ratchet. I suggest if enough people vote he should he could be forced out in to the open. If you didn't get to the show and see the new boat he has just completed, then let me tell you it not only looked the business, it also appeared extemely well founded and well thought out. So, like me, you had better start saving up the pennies so he can make you one.

Mikey C

Well, you could always post the picture on here... either that or maybe its time for a new censor free Ratchet editor?!

It wasn't as good as the photo of Grazz, Zoe and I think Felix balancing said balloons on noses....

Thats definitely going in Ratchet, mainly as proof that maybe Graham hasn't grown up as much as we suspected!



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