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New 12 Crew

Started by Mark Simpson (Guest), 02 Mar 2005, 04:28

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Mark Simpson (Guest)

Hi, the new 12 crew I ordered about 9 months ago has finally arrived!!  he's called Toby and at the minute is ideal for those light wind drifting sort of days, he only weighs 6lb 9oz.
His mum is very well, apart from total exhaustion.
Mark and Emma


Welcome to the fleet Toby.

(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap) :D :D :D :D

David & Frances
David Wilkins
3481 Cooked to Perfection

Tim (Guest)

Congrats guys!

I'm sure you could turn that foredeck on Issues into a very good cot.... :)

Tim :D(clap)



Well done all of you,

Trust you will be out on the water this weekend? (Gotta be joking arn't yer)

Ps 6-9 crew get heavier - start soon

Best wishes

Janet,  Roger & Harriet


Congratulations! Excellent news!!

Emma  (dance)

Andy and Sarah (Guest)

Congratulations and well done to you both!

Still waiting for delivery of our crew...  ;)

ALI+The Rebel

Hi. Congratulations. See you soon!


Congratulations both of you, hope you are managing to get some sleep  :). So when do we get to meet the new crew? Star appearance at Derwent/Filey?

Zoe xxx

The Goodhew Family (Guest)


We're hoping to make it to Notts County for the Gill meeting, look forwarding to seeing you all there and getting back on (or in!) :o the water!

Mark, Emma and Toby

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