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Bristol Results???

Started by MarkSimpson, 04 Apr 2005, 01:29

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brief summary (Guest)

winners: was close with three boats on the same points going into the last two races, then tom was black flagged and mike cook came on as an injury sub for zoe, the winner was the other one...

weather: sun and wind on saturday, overcasta and on sunday

A great weekend

Kevin (Guest)

1st Jon Ibbotson/Kirsty Phipps
2nd Tom Stewart/Elisabeth Ross
3rd Graham Camm/Zoe Ballantyne/Mike Cooke
Gavin  & Jasmine Willis
Andy Miller/Chloe Willis
Kevin Iles/Tim Goodhew

Conditions almost perfect.

Full report, results etc should be available on the Gill section of the web-site tomorrw evening.




Kevin (Guest)

Results are now on this site.

Go to the Events link at the top right of this page and click on the GILL Series link, then click on the Results 2005 link on the next page, which should bring up further links to each of the categories on the left hand side of the next page.

Tim, when you check them you will see that you crewed for me in the winning Admirals Cup boat - that's why you went home with a pint glass and a brand new jacket courtesy of GILL.



...and the prize for the most inappropriately named boat must surely go to Tim Laws!!! ;D .


oh yeh! forgot about that! hehe ...  ;D

just wanted to see the final results - i didnt see where we finished overall...


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