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Golden Oldies

Started by DavidW, 10 Mar 2005, 11:09

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Well, now that I've found how easy that was how about another? Sorry - only get 7 spaces so I can't put all designs here.

David Wilkins
3481 Cooked to Perfection

Roly Mo

with all these different polls I'll never get any work done.  What next?


David G

I voted for Pipedream because it was the nearest to a Windfall, which I hold in great affection!


Mikey C

I was going to vote for my old Foolish because it seemed like such a long time ago!

Carbon Toys for fast girls and boys!


Short term memory (Guest)

Interesting that we can now consider the Baggy and the Crusader in the same sentence as the Cat and Dart. And friends.

I remember spending a large proportion of last Burton Week following a Baggy.

Vague Recollection (Guest)

Graham Bailey (Guest)


Well hello Graham - there's a name we haven't seen in the class lately - could it be that you're thinking of returning again and showing us how its done or is this just a passing visit? There are still plenty of us old hands in the class - come and rejoin the fun!
Sorry not to have included Punkerlla - a lovely boat but not many have sailed her! The poll format limited the selection to just 7 designs.


David Wilkins
David Wilkins
3481 Cooked to Perfection

Jimmy Whitehead

hmmmm your long term meromry is correct, it was the '76 burton cup race(my mum was in the front end for that race) but all she can recall is a certain mr royce telling jokes to her all the way round trying to put her off..............

Jimmy Whitehead

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