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Started by tedcordall, 05 Apr 2005, 07:25

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After a few years of sailing asymmetrics on open water and a couple of years off we have just moved to Bosham. Asymmetrics are not the thing to have here . The few that are about get murdered.

For those of you not on the South coast Bosham reach is a narrow tidal creek leading into Chichester harbour with about 100 moored yachtsand its fair share of mud. I've seen the club's only Laser 5000 attached to both over the course of the last year!

Winning here seems to involve protracted tacking duels in six inches of water while staying out of the tide and keeping moving in light airs.The handicap fleet is dominated by  Finns, Albacores (one of which I've been crewing) and one annoyingly fast wooden wayfarer. The Albacore has planed once in the last year (tho there was a lot of light wind about) so the words 'pulse', 'Albacore' and 'racing' have rarely met in the same sentance.

What boat should I buy? I don't have enough lard for a Finn and don't want an Albacore. More  importantly, what boat should I buy to give me an edge over all the old fa...(sorry) boys that have been sailing here for twenty years and know all the bumps and lumps. I though of an RS300 but I want to be behind the old boys not in front. Frankly I want an unfair advantage!

Looking at the racy thing the Nat12 has apparently become, does its yardstick of 1093 reflect its true speed? Is it really only marginally quicker than a Wayfarer?...or do you now have individual yardsticks like Merlin Rockets?

Sue and I can turn out at about 20st, need a good tacker, good in light air and good in the harbour chop. We don't really want a new boat but don't mind spending a wodge on last year's cast off.

What would you advise? A Nat12 or go back to the sea and the 29er? (I said that after 2 children, hiking would be much better for her stomache than a trapeze!) All advice and abuse welcome.


Geoff & Amelia

Sounds like you have just described a National 12: Good tacker, responsive, 20 stone perfect and great fun. Funny you mentioning Albacores and Finns as we made ourselves known sailing down in Chichester at the Snowflake series in the last few years to their dismay. Its great to compete against "faster" boats and beat them over the water as well.

The question is really which design National 12 to buy. There are a few around to cater for all wallets. Check out the website blurb on the designs and give us a call if you'd like to chat more. Email us at geoff @ (without spaces).

Have fun looking. Also check out for the last event where there was plenty of planing.





I bought my 1st twelve (a Crusader)  last year and after a period of "have I bought the right boat" but persevering with, it I really love it!  I went to Salcombe Town Week and was given loads of tips by the lovely lady helm, Kath Refson of "A trifle tipsy" who is typical of the fleet,  always willing to share their knowledge and experience,  to help newcomers and the competition alike!

Kath also persuaded my crew/daughter that we were doing the right things and we managed to get results.  We did the final Gill meeting at Grafham in mixed conditions (flat to howling) with little success on paper but having enjoyed the whole experience immensely.

I have now bought a middle of the road 12 Admirals Cupper in plastic which is basically a plastic Crusader and am looking forward to Gills,  Northerns as well as club racing.

As a result I have a Crusader for sale!  If you are interested please give me a call on 01642 701904 or Email on

Go on, be brave,  buy a 12,  they really are good fun and I'm sure one would be perfect for Bosham!




An N12 sailor of great repute is nearer to you than you might think ... I'm sure if he browses this forum, he'll be in touch with you and only too happy to talk dirty about 12s and hopefully convince you and your wife that there really is nothing better ...

matt (Guest)


You've definitely come looking in the right place here -12's will tack on a sixpence and are surely one of the most rewarding boats to sail. They are ideally suited both to confined waters and blasting around on the sea. In light airs there's little, if any thing that matches our performance against our PY.

Have a go - you'll not look back!

There are some very competitively priced newer boats on our second hand list which should fit your requirements well - a Feeling Foolish would be ideal, a Final Chapter a bit harder to sail quickly in the lightest stuff .

6" of water may be a bit challenging but we do have the advantage of centreboards rather than dagger boards to help here.

I'll prod  a local 12 sailor to look at this board and hopefully he'll be in touch with you soon.

We look forward to welcoming you to the class in the near future!


David (been sailing them for 32 years! :D)

David Wilkins
3481 Cooked to Perfection

jammy dodger

I may be down your way this weekend and could bring along my 12 for you to have a try, but need to know if you are around saturday. If not, you are welcome any sunday at Spinnaker where I am happy to let you both loose on the lake for a try out. We have a man o war with a double bottom built in 2001, all wood and georgeous. Call me on 01725 514466 office hours.


Thanks for all the advice. We are away for a bit now but will root out a 12 to try on our return.

All I have to do is convince  Sue that there is life after gennakers.


I know that laser 5000 in Bosham and it's a quick boat with a very competent helm I'd pay money to see a twelve challenge it. Sadly my china doll won't do the job as its officially retired and I haven't sailed in years but I'm hoping to start again this year pottering about for fun I'll be looking out for you!!!

Bob 2635

Come Back Fluke! (Guest)

Maybe the addition of another 12 might encourage Mr Edom back into the class, if he's finished playing with Moths????

flukes friend (Guest)

Mr Edom was only saying last week how he was considering relaunching his remaining N12. maybe with a little more encouragement the fluke will see Bosham waters again.

davidg (Guest)

Hi Ted,

We are known to sail in the Snowflake and are based at Walderton 15 minutes north of Basham.  I can think of no better boat for sailing at Bosham than a 12.  Bosham appears to me to offer the same conditions that most 12's thrive on, short tacking, variable windstrengths with the occassional blast.  The dangly pole makes gybing through the moorings a breeze!

Should Mr Edom come back down to earth (or at least closer to the water) and get his 12 out, I would be happy to try and support getting a fleet going at Bosham.

There is also a chap from South Harting or Rogate who was in touch last year with a Tigress who we might also be able to get involved.

Kind Regards,

David Greening

Simon Boyd-Wallis (Guest)

I am that chap from Rogate - had hoped to get to CYC for the snowflake - but couldn't ready in time, needed to mend and varnish etc, sorry. I do like the idea of sailing 12s from Bosham, however our household is leaning towards joining Hayling SC at the moment. Will keep you posted. V high sign up fee at HISC is definitely a bit off putting!

Geoff & Amelia

I am sure that we could be persuaded to join you at Bosham as well.  Let us know of any developments
N3488 & N3464

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