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Hello Mr Bailey!

Started by DavidW, 08 Apr 2005, 05:40

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Well hello Graham - there's a name we haven't seen in the class lately - could it be that you're thinking of returning again and showing us how its done or is this just a passing visit? There are still plenty of us old hands in the class - come and rejoin the fun!
Sorry not to have included Punkerlla - a lovely boat but not many have sailed her! The poll format limited the selection to just 7 designs.


David Wilkins

(Posted here in case you don't go back to the poll)
David Wilkins
3481 Cooked to Perfection

Graham Bailey

Hi David, I have always retained an interest in the National 12 class since it has been so good to me.  I have done a lot of sailing since I left the class but I can honestly say the absolute best racing for me has been in the National 12.  I would not be competitive today in the 12 as the class has moved on.  And besides I am not exactly over-wieght at 11 stone today but when I raced with Julian Waller, and then my brother Pip, I was a grossly under-developed teenager at around 8 1/2 stone.  Thank goodness the boats seem to carry more weight these days - I remember at one stage we used to starve ourselves to get down to 16 1/2 stone all up which is considerably lighter than my Star crew today.

Can somebody draw me a family tree for the 12s. I have lost track of who is married to who as there appear to have been several bye-elections since I last looked.

Terrific site - I will call by from time to time to see how you are getting on and to see the latest Burton winners.



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