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Norfolk Week

Started by gerry ledger, 19 Apr 2005, 07:43

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gerry ledger

Paul Turner N2487/3353 (Guest)

Just got all the info in the post last night - there may even be TWO 12s from Trent Valley this year at NWNW! 2 Crusaders - yes we do have some "fast" boats" as well as vintage 12s. We are wor[face=Arial][/face]king hard to revitalise the 12s at TVSC and hope to see many of you (including vintage) at our Open on Sunday 8th May

Roly Mo

Will be there, together with Roly Mo, but don't have a crew yet.  Hoping to do Hunstanton, Brancaster and of course Overy Staithe, and possibly Blakeney.  If anyone fancies crewing for me at some or all of those events let me know.  Am staying in Brancaster Staithe for the week so could transport a crew from Brancaster or Brancaster Staithe.  If I don't get a crew we'll have another week of sailing the Lugger at Overy Staithe!  I know which Ellie will prefer me to do!

Bernard, N3447

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