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Started by EmmaW, 19 Apr 2005, 08:39

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is this weekend and it has a 100% record for porviding perfect 12 open meeting conditions! Having checked the forecast it would seem this year will be no exception as it should be blowing a force 4 pretty much all weekend.

Not only will there be a good wind and friendly faces, Notts county is renowned for its great bacon no excuses please...this promises to be a brilliant event!

Hope to see you all there...

Emma  (dance)

Mikey C

Really looking forwards to County, looking like another top weekend!
For those that havent visited before, its probably one of the nicest clubs in the midlands...

Bring it on

Mike C
N3489 Radical Edward

Strange, its all very quiet around here recently... Wheres all the controversy!? :D
Carbon Toys for fast girls and boys!




I agree it has been v quiet, v little controversey nor anything else.

But dont you usually get something going?


ps why did Tim Laws reckon his design 8 was the fastest ACer? Could any Design 8 succeed?

Tim L (Guest)

AFAIK it's the only D8 with a full set of carbon spars, though 3414 (the last D8 built) is probably a lighter hull...  The speed could just be down to the genius of the helm of course.... ;D 8)

Shiny Disco Balls

Fran (Guest)


Is that the name of your boat or a little name you call yourself??

Zippy (boat name)


Brilliant event - had a brilliant time and Notts county still has a 100% record for ace 12 conditions! Thanks to all involved in the organisation, let's hope you do it again next year...
Emma  (dance)

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